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Updated Powder Room Reveal!

Very excited to share with you the final reveal of the updated Powder Room.  I love a good Before and After, don’t you? The entire project took about two weeks, off and on, and there was no down time for the room which is always a bonus.  544 more words


A Girl and her Guns

I’ve wanted one for a long time.  I’ve looked at them before and thought they were just too expensive but when they went on sale in December I had to get one – in fact I got three.  357 more words


Does the use of high dose antibiotics cause auto immune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis?

No, I don’t think so. In particular, for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) there is a long history suggesting that antibiotics appear to be effective (1).

A. … 463 more words


William Osler: The Secret Inspiration of Literature

“But while change is the law, certain great ideas flow fresh through the ages, and control us effectually as in the days of Pericles. Mankind, it has been said, is always advancing, man is always the same.

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Do Medicines heal you!!!!

Are medicines only power that heals you. Have you ever observed when you take a medicine and feel its effect on your body before the medicine should have actually worked. 249 more words


《女皇的盛宴》非常校長分享辦學理念 @ 文鼎壹號



  • 「教育的真正義意,是當你忘記所有書本上的知識,所剩下的才是真正的教育。」——應該是愛因斯坦說的
  • 「我知道自己的性格,我知道自的擅長做甚麼,不擅長做甚麼,我自己覺得我一生所做的能夠留在這個世界的,我相信是留在病人及學生身上,我已經覺得很開心。有些人問我,將來你死了以後,你的墓碑寫你是甚麼呢?前面寫我是一個教師,後面寫我是一個醫生,我就已經很開心了。」——沈祖堯
  • 哈佛大學的校長曾對著一羣畢業生說過這樣一句話:「你畢業十年之後會發現我們教給你的有一半是錯的,但我現在不知道哪一半是錯的。」他的意是是你要不斷地終身學習,重新評估你現在所知道的是真是假。
  • 「一個好的醫生是醫好一個病人的病,但是一個最好的醫生是醫好的一個有病的人」——William Osler
  • 「說有的卻沒有,沒有的真的沒有。」——呂麗紅


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Anti-Elderly Advocacy In The Age of Obamacare

Ezekial Emanuel, brother of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanual, is one of the principle architects of Obamacare and one of its most rabid, determined and deceptive defenders. 1,556 more words