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What Is Summer Reading but Life Writ Large?

Now that we are in the hot stretches of August, the topic of summer reading is not a mere abstraction.  I passed a bookstore the other day (yes, I was actually able to find one) that displayed a big sign promoting “Summer Reading.”  As you would expect, the books were what is sometimes called beach books:  mostly novels set in far-off lands, often wholly imaginary ones, where people do far-off things. 1,151 more words


Derek Khanna is Wrong: Copyleft Mystery Man's Misleading Memo Creates its Own Myths...

There has been a lot of ink spilled on the retracted and disowned “memo” titled Three Myths of Copyright that was posted on the Republican Study Committee (RSC) website. 1,092 more words

Artist Rights

If you asked any random person on the street what they thought the purpose of copyright is, they’d probably assert that copyright is designed to protect the rights of artists. 781 more words

A Company in Disguise


Copyright laws are designed to “promote the progress of science and useful arts (Madison Article I, Section 8).” Many everyday websites are attempting to do just this. 576 more words

Opening Statement

Several scholars have written convincingly about the role rhetoric and metaphors play in shaping contemporary copyright policy. Much of this scholarship explores the use and meaning of the term “piracy.” For example, William Patry’s… 393 more words

Dr. K. Matthew Dames

Separation of Company and Person

William Patry is the author of How to Fix Copyright. He is also the Senior Copyright Counsel at Google. However, as he clearly states in the disclaimer at the beginning of… 567 more words


Quotes for a fair use

A senior copyright counsel at Google Inc. William Patry shared a few quotable thoughts on copyright that I can’t afford not to quote. For a fair use of course. 99 more words