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Ted Cruz and Artificial Intelligence

Computers do better than humans at recognizing personality and emotion in language. Why, and how is this helping people like Ted Cruz advance in the polls? 1,422 more words


Drammy Awards: We congratulate the Rathje Brothers

Many congratulations to the Rathje brothers, Steven and William, on the launch of  PROSCENIUM, a literary journal devoted to publishing plays.  You can click on this link… 54 more words

Small changes for the environment

A goal of mine this year is to minimize the amount of waste my family and I generate.   According to the EPA, “In 2011, Americans generated about 250 million tons of trash.”  I can’t even really visualize what that means, but… 581 more words


Bill Rathje and Contemporary Archaeology

Yesterday I received an email from a proud grandfather whose precocious 11-year old grand daughter was fascinated by archaeology, and he wanted to fuel the fire and know what he should get for her to read.  461 more words

Waste, trash, garbage, refuse, rubbish – landfill excavations

For a long time I have planned to post something about the results from Rathje’s Garbage Project and since he passed away last week I decided to write a blog post now. 277 more words


RIP William Rathje

One of the most influential archaeologists and Mayanists has passed away. William Rathje (1945-2012) began as a Mayanist and later in his life he initiated what has been known as garbology, the archaeological study of contemporary garbage. 120 more words


Potlatch and Deleuze/DeLanda

A Deleuzian/DeLandian understanding of history is nonlinear. DeLanda writes that “some forms of social organization may indeed have appeared earlier than others – hunter-gatherers certainly existed before any central state apparatus – but that succession occurred only in actual time. 235 more words