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Rupert Brooke in Space

On Newsnight tonight, Benedict Cumberbatch read out an astonishing memo. It was written to Richard Nixon in 1969, at the time of the Apollo mission to the moon. 129 more words


Hillary's E-mailgate: "Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave..."

Back in the early 1980s’, HBO taped a couple of live performances of America’s “Clown Prince of Comedy”, Richard “Red” Skelton. Even though the ol’ redhead was 78 years old, he was still as sharp as a tack…and was still an absolute master of comedic timing. 1,490 more words


The Shocking Truth about "Proper" English: How Millennials are Changing our Punctuation and Grammar and What it Means to Us as Writers

Why Doesn’t Everyone Use “Proper” English?

I used to be a language snob, complete with William Safire trading card. Growing up with teacher parents who corrected my grammar made me hypersensitive to language rules. 938 more words


Where Does the Term "Spin Doctor" Come From?

The term “spin doctor” is ubiquitous in contemporary politics—but what exactly does it mean? And when did it enter the common vernacular?

The Oxford English Dictionary… 367 more words


"Great Rules of Writing"

Do not put statements in the negative form.

And don’t start sentences with a conjunction.

If you reread your work, you will find on rereading that a… 64 more words


Hope my legs don't break

We’ve all had times when we have had a document to prepare – a skeleton that seems to grow in size and weight until it could only be the skeleton of a mammoth or terrible lizard, a position statement where your position makes no sense, a case summary where you feel like you are loading ammunition into other people’s guns for them, perhaps even a best man’s speech (hi Shah). 626 more words


What is The Reverie? To answer that, let’s go back to 1980 — the year the word “gridlock”entered American vernacular. Samuel Schwartz was chief engineer of traffic operations during 1970s. 481 more words

The Reverie