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Don't Get Hysterical Over Historic or Historical

Driving south on I-5 from Vancouver, B.C., to Seattle recently, our car passed several signs for sites related to Puget Sound history, directing drivers to various historic districts or historical parks and museums. 299 more words


And don’t start a sentence with a conjunction. (Remember, too, a preposition is a terrible word to end a sentence with.)


An Economy of Words

Let’s face an ugly truth – we writers are not unique. Indeed, every person on the planet is a storyteller. From the day we learnt to express ourselves, we began telling stories (with ourselves as the hero, of course), and we will continue to be storytellers all of our lives. 1,651 more words

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TEVI TROY: Democrats Roll Out 'Mediscare' Again

Wall Street Journal — William Safire defined it as a ‘shamelessly demagogic campaign to frighten older Americans.’ He was right.

This week marks the 50th anniversary of Medicare. 86 more words


Exploring -gate

People who keep in touch with the news will be aware that one of the odd things the media does is add the -gate suffix to stories that are controversial. 582 more words

The Thursday Three #4 (Books)

I sometimes read more than one book at a time, which often leads to confusion unless the books are extremely different in their subject matter. These are three (very different) books I’m getting through: 393 more words


500 and Counting

Spread the Word by William Safire. This is the 500th book I’ve added since I started using Goodreads to track them in October 2012. It’s a collection of his columns “On Language” in the New York Times from the late 90s. 349 more words