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First William Shatner, Now Moby: Celebrities' Ideas For Tackling California Drought

May 27th, 2015

Los Angeles Times

Summary: Following William Shatner’s $30 billion proposal for a 4-foot pipeline running from Washington State to California, musician Moby is seeking 100,000 signatures for a petition urging Governor Jerry Brown to further limit agricultural water use. 45 more words


Odyssey to 2001: Top 5 Space Tunes

As voted by you, my fellow earthlings, the next year in my time travels will be the official start of our current millennium.

The year 2001. 167 more words

Red Nose Day!

I said I’d be back with more London pictures, but I forgot today is the first ever US version of Red Nose Day. It’s a very worthy charity dedicated to helping children in poverty, and dear to my heart. 34 more words

Emma Jameson

That Moment In Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)

Things between the Klingons and the Federation of Planets have been pretty unstable for a long time and it showed no sign of easing up until suddenly, the Klingon moon, Praxis, explodes in a massive fireball. 2,390 more words

Movie Reviews

Celebrating a Living, Crawling Hell on Earth

There are days and years that you will always remember, such are their magnitude – this year has seen the birth of my first child, for instance, while 2013 was marked by blissful marriage. 544 more words


That Moment In Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989)

On the dusty home world of Nimbus III, called The Planet of Galactic Peace, which I did not just make up, a man digs holes in the desert. 2,842 more words

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Captain Kirk To The Drought Rescue?

William Shatner says Seattle has too much water, and Southern California has too little.  Solution?  Build an above-ground pipeline from Washington State to California.

He’s so serious about it that he’s started a 30 billion dollar Kickstarter campaign to build the pipeline.  106 more words