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Not Gonna Buy Bill's Book...But...

William Shatner’s latest book, Leonard: My 50 Year Friendship with a Remarkable Man, will be released on February 16th, just a week and a half shy of the one year anniversary of Nimoy’s death.  381 more words

Star Trek

Star Trek

Beam me up Scotty. My Star Trek “Golden Throats” collection. Too bad James Doohan and DeForest Kelly didn’t release singing albums. The Enterprise could have had a nifty barber shop quartet.

Vinyl Records

[VFF '16] To Boldly Go Where No Elephant Has Gone Before, An Interview with Patricia Sims

By Ed Sum (The Vintage Tempest)

Playing at the
Victoria Film Festival on

Feb 08, 7:00pm
Star Cinema
9842 Third St
Sidney, BC
Feb 10, 6:30pm  1,888 more words

Trek 50: Part 5 - The Voyage Home

“May Fortune favor the foolish.”

“Are you sure it isn’t time for a colorful metaphor?”
-Spock 1,183 more words

DeForest Kelley

There's a real story here, Smitty - Updated

Or is that Kaballah? Anyone scene ‘The Hudsucker Proxy‘?

*Supply And Demand, Clicky?*

sad (adj.)Old English sæd“sated, full, having had one’s fill (of food, drink, fighting, etc.), weary of,”

354 more words

5 weird, funny things from William Shatner's Kravis Center show

William Shatner, eternal Captain Kirk, Priceline negotiator and honest-to-goodness cultural icon, starred in an ill-advised show called “S**t My Dad Says.” The series itself died a short, merciful death, but the title seemed incredibly appropriate during… 315 more words

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