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Dinner Date

Cathy forced herself to stop twiddling with the cutlery.  She had been waiting long enough.  Too long.  How long does it take to go the Gents’?  607 more words

William Stafford

the darkness around us is deep

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about this incredible William Stafford (1914-1933) poem I’ve always loved, and a conversation with a friend tonight brought it to mind again. 304 more words


Write three lines in a notebook everyday.

In 2011, I heard the poet Naomi Shihab Nye speak at Earlham College. She said two things I still remember: everyone needs to read Every War has Two Losers… 1,722 more words

Daily Practice

Book Review - Ask Me : 100 Essential Poems by William Stafford

I have always been a huge fan of American poetry. The reason for that – the long scenic route version – is this. American prose writers have always strived to be accessible to the general reader. 905 more words

Book Review

Bear-faced Liars

The detective on the doorstep flashed his warrant card.  At his shoulder, his partner did the same.

“Mr Bear?  We’d like to have a word with you.” 357 more words

William Stafford

When Daily Writing Doesn’t Work Out

I know excuses aren’t helpful, but the past few months have been rough, and I’m not even talking about my writing practice. I was feeling good about writing every day throughout most of February, and then life showed up. 469 more words

Writer's Life

The Makeover

The car pulled up in the clearing.

“You can take off the blindfold now,” said the p.a. flatly.  She got out and opened the door.  Winnie climbed out of the limousine, blinking against the sunlight. 327 more words

William Stafford