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Wolf Hall Explained - Where was Mary Boleyn?

Fans of Philippa Gregory may have found themselves wondering where Mary Boleyn was as his sister was falling from favour and ultimately meeting her fate at the hands of the executioner. 228 more words

Wolf Hall

Meanwhile at the coffee shop...

For Colin Dobson…

Mr Davies waited patiently in the queue. He had hurried through the mall to get to the coffee shop but now that he had arrived, he was enjoying the opportunity to watch ‘him’ at work. 689 more words

William Stafford

"I write short things because no one will listen long."

The title of this brief essay is an aphorism about one of the reasons why William Stafford wrote aphorisms. I selected it from the pages of his book as a preface of sorts for what I am writing here. 444 more words


Stop, Look, Listen and Write

Recently, I was asked to give a talk on writing poetry. What I learned from preparing for that talk was that I don’t follow many rules of writing poetry. 1,095 more words


R4769 trundled along the thoroughfare. He was in a rut – and not just the literal, electrified one that powered his castors. Every day the same routine, the same tasks, the same files accessed by his processor. 304 more words

William Stafford

How To Regain Your Soul

Come down Canyon Creek trail on a summer afternoon
that one place where the valley floor opens out. You will see
the white butterflies. Because of the way shadows… 87 more words

Three Bears

“Porridge is ready!” Mommy Bear called up the stairs.  Daddy Bear waddled into the kitchen, tucking his newspaper under his arm.  “Will you tell him, love?  502 more words

William Stafford