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Demon Drinks

“Having another?” Bexhor hitched himself onto the bar stool next to Cardoom’s.  Cardoom drained the suds from the bottom of his glass.

“Don’t mind if I do!”  He wiped a clawed hand over his pointed chin.  542 more words

William Stafford


“I’m sorry, darling.  There is no other way.”

Cyril gulped, his eyes fixed on the barrel of the gun his wife was pointing at him.  He raised his hands slowly.  439 more words

William Stafford

Early Autumn Threads...

Life’s been particularly whirly over the last few weeks: birthdays, new school year, finished Proposal for my dissertation, some sleepless nights, family worries, a music festival, and a “padding” battle thrown in for good measure.. 168 more words


House Hunters

The young man pinched the bridge of his nose.  It had been a long day, during which the lesson had been reinforced: you just can’t please some people.  698 more words

William Stafford

William Stafford

but like a bell rung deep till dawn
I drove down an aisle of sound,
nothing real but in the bell,
past the town where I was born. 63 more words


Welcome Autumn


Written by William Stafford

You will never be alone, you hear so deep

a sound when autumn comes.  Yellow

pulls across the hills and thrums, 70 more words



In my Hector Mortlake books, the plot is interspersed with stories told by other characters.  Here is an extract from the latest, the third adventure, during which Laird Baird recounts a strange encounter from his childhood. 1,508 more words

William Stafford