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The Elephant in the Room

“Gosh!  Will you look at this, you chaps?”  Hemming shone his torch into the room.  Over his shoulders, Pearce peered and Covington cowered.

“I don’t think we ought –” Covington jabbered.  1,378 more words

William Stafford

Three Lines

Nye says write three lines in a notebook everyday.

Goldberg says write three lines in three minutes.

Stafford would say that’s three more lines than you had before.

William Stafford

Meanwhile, on the Chat Show...

Johnny: Good morning, Chad, Angelista.  Wonderful to have you on the show.  How are you enjoying the British weather?

Angelista: It’s cute.

J… 824 more words

William Stafford

Meanwhile, in the coffee shop...

Bobby steeled himself as he waited to be served.  So far, things were going in his favour.  Stefan, his favourite barista, was on the till, taking orders.  667 more words

William Stafford

Daily Writing from February 6, 2017 8:50am

I woke up early and saw I had enough time to write. But write what? I was barely awake. The room was dark and the heat hadn’t come on yet. 291 more words

Daily Practice

Write three lines in a notebook everyday.

In 2011, I heard the poet Naomi Shihab Nye speak at Earlham College. She said two things I still remember: everyone needs to read Every War has Two Losers… 1,716 more words

Daily Practice

Two phone calls on Valentine's Day

“Look, I know it’s you.  I know it’s you who has been sending me all these things.  Don’t bother trying to deny it.  It’s got to stop.  322 more words

William Stafford