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Meanwhile, on the pirate ship...

Doll heard Bart’s familiar footstep tap-tapping across the gangplank.  She wiped her hands on a towel and went up top to greet him, leaving the galley in the capable hands of Reginald the cabin boy. 683 more words

William Stafford

Morte d'Arthur 2017

Wounded by Mordred, Arthur lay in the blood-drenched mud of his final battlefield.  He had dispatched the loyal Sir Bedivere to return Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake.  466 more words

William Stafford

Meanwhile at the campsite...

Robert couldn’t sleep.  Beside him, Tony snored like a warthog trying to start a motorboat.  Robert pulled his sleeping bag up over his chin, eyes wide in the darkness.  650 more words

William Stafford

What the River Says, That Is What I Say

On that Sunday afternoon, Ashley and Sam strolled along the riverside walkway. It was he first day above freezing in a week and the Hudson stretched like a white highway of ice from Cohoes to Poughkeepsie. 1,406 more words


RIP Raffles

“Hello, Timmy,” David grinned on the doorstep.  “Thought you might need some company?”

Timmy looked puzzled.  “Why?”

“Because – you know – Raffles.”

Timmy nodded.  He beckoned David in.  696 more words

William Stafford

The Kicker

“I’ll leave you to it then, Mrs.”  Mrs Scratch lingered at the back door.  “You will look after them flowers, won’t you, Mrs?”

She nodded at the kitchen table.  681 more words

William Stafford

Friday Poem-William Stafford

Traveling Through The Dark


Traveling through the dark I found a deer

dead on the edge of the Wilson River road.

It is usually best to roll them into the canyon: 132 more words