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The Healing Power of Words

When I returned from war, my sleep was nonexistent. Each night, faces of the dead haunted my slumber, accompanied by grossly disfigured memories of war. Insomnia forced me to take drastic steps to induce sleep. 1,131 more words

The Active Voice of Lee Kuan Yew

SO much was said and written about Lee Kuan Yew following his passing on March 23. For the entire week of national mourning, the media was a deluge of all things Lee Kuan Yew—eulogies and tributes, his words and wisdom, remembrances that had a way of breaking down into choking grief. 626 more words

Writing Wisdom

Lose the Adjectives

THERE are hardly any writing tips I can remember from my school days, except the vaguely useful one pertaining to grammar (“Watch your grammar!”) and the other one that urged you to “describe more.” 458 more words

Writing Wisdom

9th Feb. 15

Notes: On Writing by Stephen King

  • To write is human, to edit is divine
  • The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jnr
  • When you write a story you’re telling yourself the story.
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Writing with Style in English

Tiny Books (200 pages max)

  1. William Strunk Jr. & E. B. White ‘The Elements of Style’, 1959 recommended by Mohammad S. Al-Zein: “the book should be read at least once every year.”

Colons: The Classy Dash

As IPAM passes the halfway mark, I bring you colons with this next post. And no, it’s not the kind you can find nestled around your small intestine. 504 more words


Cleanup on Page 4: How to Mop-up That Sloppy Manuscript

So you’ve completed the first draft of your novel. Congratulations! Time to submit it for publication, right? Errr, wrong! If your manuscript is anything like mine, it’s a sloppy mess riddled with plot holes, inconsistent characters, and grammatical errors. 311 more words