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In the News: Jesus Shirts and 'Hate Speech'

When does freedom of speech become offensive?  This week Elmer Thiessen at First Things offered some thoughtful commentary on a recent school squabble in Nova Scotia.  327 more words

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Marni Soupcoff: The Jesus-shirt teen has a difficult dad -- but speech rights too

On Friday, the South Shore Regional School Board reversed the Forest Heights Community School’s decision to ban 19-year-old Nova Scotian 12th-Grader William Swinimer from wearing a T-shirt to school that read “Life is wasted without Jesus.” So the controversy is over, right? 430 more words

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You get wasted in life for Jesus, or some shit like that

There are updates to the Nova Scotia teen who wore the same white t-shirt every day with the words, “Life is Wasted without Jesus” that it turned yellow. 256 more words

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Chris Selley: Life is wasted worrying about Jesus T-shirt

The saga of the 19-year-old Nova Scotian 12th-Grader William Swinimer, who constantly wore a T-shirt to school that read “Life is wasted without Jesus,” has concluded… 715 more words

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How are you going to survive in life if a t-shirt offends you?

‘Offensive’ Jesus T-shirt slogan sparks feud in school

Digital JournalA student was suspended from a high school in Nova Scotia because he wore a T-shirt with the slogan “Life is wasted without Jesus.” 951 more words

Culture War

Teen in Jesus shirt row won't attend N.S. school unless they're teaching 'good old-fashioned academics'

As a Nova Scotia teenager leaves his school over its handling of his contentious Christian T-shirt, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada says it’s common for Christian students nationwide to take heat for sharing their beliefs. 734 more words

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"Love is Not Easily Offended" 1 Corinthians: 13

Some of you may have been following the story of a Nova Scotia teen recently suspended from his high school for wearing a religious t-shirt. Apparently, some teachers and fellow students found the shirt offensive and that it disparaged other belief systems: 222 more words