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My Life as a Terrorist

My Life as a Terrorist

by William T. Vollman, Harper’s, 2013

I hadn’t known Vollman before reading this, but apparently, everyone else did.  He’s a genius and self-proclaimed weirdo, and I considered this article a brave game of chicken Vollman played with the US Government.  69 more words

Of Demons & Stories ...

“Stories die of their own accord,” the Demon said.

“They are like us; they want to live, no matter how badly they are treated.”

— … 8 more words


Every Morning A Wonder

Every morning a wonder.

How many are we allowed to carry?

How far from Edison’s light must we travel?

I see rags of quick moving clouds pushed by the sun through a blue sky. 161 more words


A Summer Bookshelf

Whether you’re lounging in Central Park, hanging beside the river, or sitting next to a fjord, there’s always need for a good book. Here’s what your local Urchins are reading and soon to be picking up! 879 more words


Frontiers and Borders

– Frederick Jackson Turner, “The Significance of the Frontier in American History,” 1893.

an approximation of the American frontier in 1775 as characterized by historian Frederick Jackson Turner; this schematic has fundamentally shaped the popular mythology of the United States- from creeds and federal policy (westward expansion and manifest destiny) to popular culture and landscape design (Toby Keith anthems and Olmsted's design for the 1893 Chicago World's Fair); and rightfully so- the frontier is different in the Americas, and it is fundamental to understanding the American people, American institutions, and American landscape… 1,406 more words


The Urchin Back-to-School Reading List

All right, kids! No more AM Bloody Mary pick-me-ups! No more afternoon tanning sessions on the beach! It’s back to school. Time to forget your locker combo and discover you’re buck-naked in the cafeteria. 750 more words


The Elite and the Effete: From Access to Egress

When did literature become an elitist game? When we started writing? Literature both reflects and influences culture, society, and the individual, but there are many things that reflect our values (what we want; not to be confused with what’s good for us) and influence our thought and action (the automobile; lawns; college), but not everything that reflects and influences our lives is literature. 866 more words