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Britain in the World

The Liberal Democrats pride themselves on being the most internationalist of Britain’s political parties and a liberal, internationalist voice is going to be needed more than ever as the United Kingdom and several other parts of the world seem to be heading towards narrow nationalism and illiberal tendencies. 246 more words

Crackberry by Bishop Cider Company

Rating: 5/5

Crackberry by Bishop Cider Company is a 6% ABV Hard Apple Cider made with Cranberries and Black Berries.

Just one sip and you’re hooked…
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Anime Beers :P

Scots wha hae. . . . . .Tuesday Travels

I spent my first fifteen years growing up in Scotland but duting that time I never visited the Wallace Monument near Stirling.  That grave omission was rectified when I visited it recently while I was in Scotland. 157 more words


Krav Maga Kids

We had a brilliant night of Krav Maga (self defence) training at The Barony St. John on Thursday evening.

The kids sessions have been christened “Braveheart Krav Maga” to honour the memory of William Wallace and his successful battle to seize Ardrossan Castle from the occupying English garrison in 1297. 64 more words


I am not the alpha.

There are two fundamental truths on a farm

1. A hierarchy must be established and maintained whereby the human is the alpha. All other creations must submit to the alpha. 426 more words


23rd August - On This Day In History


1946 Keith Moon (rocker and drummer)


1305 William Wallace, Scottish patriot, executed

On This Day:

1821 Mexico declares independence

Have a good Tuesday, 23rd August… 8 more words

The Higher The Building, The Lower The Morals

The Wallace Monument is a glorious 1869 architecture piece perched atop Abbey Craig near Stirling, Scotland, commemorating the life of one William Wallace, he of the blue faced Mel Gibson Braveheart war cries that represent such a fictionalization of what actually happened that our historian bus driver Dave represents the conflicted national pride the locals have of that movie: great for tourism and we love our Will; bummer Mel painted an elaborate deception that confuses the world about what really happened.   60 more words