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A Man of Integrity: Amazing Grace


In the late 1700s, a man named William Wilberforce came on the political scene of England. He would one day be almost single-handedly responsible for the abolition of the slave trade in England. 765 more words

William Wilberforce.

We have been learning about the achievements of William Wilberforce, our English Hero. We are going to write a story about William Wilberforce and we painted some illustrations to match our story. 9 more words


Retelling Our Story.

We have planned a story about William Wilberforce. We used our plan and retold our story. We had to use expression and lots of adjectives when telling our story. 11 more words


Regency Personalities Series-John Bird Sumner

Regency Personalities Series

In my attempts to provide us with the details of the Regency, today I continue with one of the many period notables. … 352 more words


Pets are People Too?

“Americans own almost as many dogs per household as have children, and actually own more cats per household than have children… More than 3 million pets are adopted annually in America—more than twenty times the number of children adopted each year” ( 739 more words


Don't look away

When it comes to an issue as immense as human trafficking, citizens can often feel like there isn’t anything they can do to make a real difference.   403 more words

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The Giver of Good Things

Easter… Wilberforce was writing to his sister… on a beautiful day, ‘The day has been delightful. I was out before six. I think my own devotions become more fervent when offered in this way amidst the general chorus with which all nature seems to be swelling the song of praise and thanksgiving… and neither in the sanctuary nor at a table, I trust, had I a heart unwarmed with gratitude to the giver of good things.’ 14 more words

God Is Good