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Taiwan Study Tour (Cornelius C. Kubler)

Institution: Williams College

Discipline: NA

Course code: NA

Year offered: 2018

Only course description (below), no syllabus, for this course is available: 180 more words


Introduction to Taiwanese/Southern Min Language and Culture (Cornelius C. Kubler)

Institution: Williams College

Discipline: Chinese

Course code: CHIN 152(S)

Year offered: 2007

Only course description (below), no syllabus, for this course is available:

This course, which includes a required, fully-funded two-week field trip to Taipei, Quemoy (Jinmen), and Xiamen over Spring Break, constitutes an introduction to Taiwanese, the majority language of Taiwan, which is essentially the same as the native language of Xiamen, China and environs. 195 more words

It is almost week seven.

WOW? Week seven already??

Classes are in full swing. Papers have been written. Science research has started.

Everything is moving so fast but all of us are learning so much about ourselves, our professors, and the ocean. 22 more words

Maritime Studies

First few days in Mystic, CT.

I arrived in Mystic on Sunday and it is now Thursday of the same week. When I arrived, two other people in my house, Johnston, were already here. 304 more words

Maritime Studies

Washington, DC.

Applying for the Williams-Mystic Maritime Studies Program intrigued me because of my steadfast appreciation and curiosity for politics and law. For me, it isn’t so much about proving to others that my views are the “right” ones, for they are my views and therefore they are my truths. 598 more words

Maritime Studies

Class list!

For those of you who have known me since I was a small child, you know how much I looked forward to the day when I got in the car with my mom to drive to my elementary school to see my class list posted on the window. 288 more words

Maritime Studies