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Route 66

February 2016

After our day at the Grand Canyon, we slept in Williams. This town in on Historic  Route 66.  Williams was the last town to have its section of Route 66  bypassed, due to lawsuits that kept the last section of  Interstate 40 in Arizona from being built around the town  (October 13, 1984) . 238 more words


2016 Monaco Grand Prix – Qualifying analysis

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Daniel Ricciardo took pole with his second scintillating qualifying in a row while Lewis Hamilton missed out on a knife-edge fight with the Red Bull man due to a late driver error. 1,024 more words

Formula 1

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27th May 1916. Considered Indispensable at the Refuse Destructor.


The Military Authorities appealed against the three months’ exemption granted to Arthur Williams, 58 Pennington Street, Rugby, charge hand at the refuse destructor. 2,319 more words

In The News

Formula One: Massa's Monaco helmet design

Williams Martini Racing have released images of Felipe Massa’s special edition Monaco helmet design. Under FIA regulations it is understood Massa will not be permitted to use the helmet during on track sessions, although it is possible the team have agreed a form of  dispensation. 62 more words


WPC Sound Board A-12738 Repair

These little sound boards in WPC era Bally/Williams games can be difficult to track down issues on and there are no inexpensive reproduction replacements, so the boards themselves are quite expensive if they need to be replaced. 144 more words