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Blemishes of Discouragement... BUT... Plans for The Future (And How One Can Help)

Well, I’ve been through the ringer and back and here I am. It’s gotten to the point where I’m so close to restoring the magic but what will it take to get there? 1,638 more words

Ep. 14: Amplify, alter pitch, clip silence, breath and clicks... repeat...

It is often with deep sadness I muse over how celebratory we could be in this love but choose to reflect on where our own opinions rest in… 1,105 more words

Dark Shadows (Issue #1)

Dark Shadows, Issue #1
The Vampire’s Prey
Gold Key Comics | 1968

Using a storyline from the television series as a touchstone, the first issue of the… 330 more words

Vintage Comics

Awesome Review From The Birthday Girl! (The laughs are finally returned!)

This is a post I crafted for a review that gave me many of the joys I’ve been looking for by sharing The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows… 258 more words

Preparing for bland, effect-less Episode 14 Edit...

All right… Must remember… count the scenes. I truly don’t want to make another print out of the dialogue and format this time around. I did it for 11 and 12. 247 more words

The Love, The Gratitude, and The Trust: The Baby is Born...


Yep, lots of characters, birth and all the rest. I keep wondering if I should remove the cigar comment Willie makes here. (Maybe it doesn’t fit?) Anyway, the chapter is done. 398 more words

Episode 14: Lines, Lines, And More Lines:

Hopefully by now everyone has picked up on the admittance of Daryl continuing to pursue this without uploading anymore episodes. If one is an internet spoiled-brat, one may be nervous or upset by this turn of events, but considering all the burden I have struggled under… 902 more words