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Let Go Of Certainty.......

 Ask yourself when you’re around people who always have to be right and in control if you are truly enjoying yourself?  Whether it be a social setting or a professional setting.   125 more words

Conscious Living



1. desire or willingness to do something; enthusiasm.

The Choice of Self Acceptance

I’m in Colorado now, having made the trip in early October to Boulder for what I thought was a short stay. Well, things didn’t go quite as planned, and I ended up in the ER in Boise, Idaho, on my way out here. 865 more words


It's easier to believe than to lose

Isn’t it enough to know that we exist? We trip over the triangle so many times and things just lose themselves so willingly. It’s easier to believe than to lose.

Found From Vaults

When HE knocks, answer the door...

IT really works…I have fought it all my life…I didn’t really want it…I just thought I did… But now I want it more than anything or anyone…I am not sure how I… 476 more words

Willing and Trying to be Abstinent

Keren sent me this in an email and I thought that everyone else in the group would enjoy it too.  Thank you Keren!

Willing and Trying to be Abstinent… 391 more words


The next section in the goals worksheet I found online has the heading, “Obstacles.” It asks eleven questions. Over the next several days, I’ll answer them one at a time in the blog. 799 more words