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Delete. Delete. Delete...

For the first time in my 4 decades, I co-authored a chapter in my story I’d like to delete.  Not real sure what it means, but I’m hoping to better work through it right here, right now. 349 more words

Act as if

Act as if I am secure in trust, faith, and hope.

Act as if I accept my powerlessness over

The depression that fades my mother to a ghost of herself, 346 more words

change the system...

I watch my Significant One build apps, develop new programs, maintain and reprogram systems in order for them to run smoother, be user friendly, and even simplify life when they are implemented as intended. 275 more words


Daily Affirmation - Forgiveness

Today, I choose to forgive because I was forgiven.

It is actually harder to walk around with anger, resentment, and hatred. These emotions and feelings take  hold to you and weigh you down while keeping you from experiencing the joys of life and the joys that come from the lord.   192 more words

Forgiveness & Adultery - A Testimony

The writer of this article was guaranteed anonymity.  The author has shared her experience, strength, and hope  with the belief that it will help and encourage someone in their own process. 827 more words

Being Comfortable in Your Own Erotic Skin

Being comfortable in your own Erotic Skin is imperative. Allowing yourself the freedom to choose sexually just how Sensual & Sexy you wish to be is a joy to behold! 465 more words


Daily Affirmation - Forgiveness

Today, I forgive myself one day at a time until I reach complete forgiveness.

Forgiveness can be a process, and sometimes a process that will take several steps to reach. 148 more words