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The Briefing: Patterson apologizes; trustees call special meeting May 22

Seminary president sorry for comments ‘hurtful to women’
Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, issued an apology May 10 for comments he made in sermon illustrations about domestic violence and the physical attractiveness of women. 343 more words


1.10 - A Day at the Park

The day at the park was fun for both Nicole and Lexie. Nicole was happy to get out of the house, even if waddling around with a big belly caused a bit of back pain. 588 more words

{Russ} Generation 1

1.7 - Raising Lexie

After learning to walk, Lexie suddenly become much more of a handful. She was always trying to play with new things. Anything she hadn’t seen she would go for. 559 more words

{Russ} Generation 1

1.4 - Surprises

After that night her and Paolo went out more often. Usually to different bar scenes with his friends. They all seemed like nice people, though Nicole definitely thought it was hard to keep up with the parties every night. 710 more words

{Russ} Generation 1

1.3 - Roller Coaster Love

Being homeless was a challenge for Nicole. She had always lived a relatively comfortable life up until that point. In the days leading up to her interview she often though about telling her parents, giving up, and just moving back in with them. 494 more words

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1.2 - Crashing Down

When Nicole woke the next morning the first thing she noticed was her smell. She had sand in places she never thought she would, and the briny air of the coast didn’t seem to help anything. 814 more words

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Teaching the gullible to hate a caricature

There’s a great quote from Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson that sums up polemicists like churchwatchcentral and their cohorts’ NAR conspiracy theory succinctly and effectively. 1,418 more words