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1.2 Whoops

Work was exhausting. I always had to work the late shifts and WHY would my work uniform be a white shirt when I’m washing dishes. That made no sense to me whatsoever. 1,408 more words

Lewis Legacy

1.1 A New Beginning

Lorelai Lewis
Aspiration: Successful Lineage
Traits: Family-Oriented, Domestic, Neat, and Creative.

I bet you’re wondering why am I sleeping in a bathroom, well let me clarify. 1,392 more words

Lewis Legacy

Week 16

Starting Funds = §898,460

There was one last sale at the market. Richard worked hard to make sure to put out some masterpieces so they would sell for a lot of simoleons. 1,473 more words

The Sims 4

Week 15

I really dropped the ball on this one. LOL. I actually completed this challenge back in August and yet it’s now December and I’m now getting around to posting the final few chapters. 631 more words

The Sims 4

Pastor Kevin Labby Calls Tullian Tchividjian to Repentance

At approximately 8:30 PM on Thursday, December 1, 2016, the following statement from Pastor Kevin Labby – on behalf of the session of Willow Creek – was published by Warren Throckmorton. 192 more words

Chapter 5.35 – Suspicion

The morning after the wedding was when Gabe and Reyna had to leave for Sixam so we all gathered in my basement lab to say goodbye to them before they stepped into the wormhole generator. 1,360 more words

The Sims 4

Steven Streufert Searching for Bigfoot

Steven has been a tremendous help while putting together this blog. His insight into the world of Bigfoot in Humboldt County is unmatched. In this piece he explains how he became interested in Bigfoot and what he has done along with the Bluff Creek Project.  47 more words