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Even Willows aren't perfect.

Willow has had her fair share of scandals. Over the years, children of celebs tend to stray from the picture perfect image the media paints them as but that usually happens in their mid or late teens or early twenties like in the case of Miley Cyrus. 334 more words

The mythical album and failed song.

Fireball was Willows first Commercial failure, it was shocking how the catchy tune didn’t catch the attention of the public as all her previous hits had. 341 more words

To plant a Willow you need strong seeds

Willow was born on 31st October 2000 to blockbuster couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith with a joint net-worth of over 260 million dollars. Her father already had two sons before her, Trey with his ex-wife Sheree Zampino and Jaden with his current wife Jada Pinkett. 320 more words

Willow Smith

Willow Smith Just Created A Song With Actor Micheal Cera

By: Greg Sacidor

File this under the category of truly bizarre, but Willow Smith has just collaborated on a track with actor Michael Cera.

Yes you read that right! 132 more words


Willow Smith's New Track Was Produced By Michael Cera

‘Superbad’ actor Michael Cera shared his musical talents with Willow Smith. Willow Smith’s new track ‘Twentyfortyeight 2.0’, that was produced by the actor, has a whimsical sounds and features Willow softly delivering lyrics. Check it out.


'Michael Cera is extremely beautiful': Willow Smith joins forces with the actor for a song, develops a crush

We may have just discovered your official song of the summer. Maybe. Possibly.

It’s only 106 seconds long, but it’s a utopian dreamscape that captures all of our childhood dreams and youthful wistfulness courtesy of our newest dream duo, Willow Smith and Michael Cera. 190 more words