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SOTD: Twin Wild // Willow Tree

With soaring riffs and mighty vocals, Twin Wild form a pitch-perfect track with ‘Willow Tree’ that immediately commands every listener. You won’t walk away from this track without the need for more by Twin Wild. 13 more words


The Willow Tree

The willow tree
bends in the wind
dances in the breeze
unbreakable in her flexibility
yet her roots remain firm
The tree of wisdom


#HaikuNo48 - Fudoshin

the willow tree, soft
and unyielding to the winds
but unmovable to storms

Fudoshin is a Japanese term meaning ‘to be calm and at peace at all times’


Willow talk


As I feel your breath

Linger like your name

Within my heart, roots grow

As a finch flies by

Reminding my heart that you

Are as beautiful in flight… 19 more words


breeze disturbs
the tangled willow curtain
jangling wind chime


Lares et Penates.

Henry Willet* once described the commonplace pottery ornaments on our mantelpieces as a ‘kind of unconscious survival of the Lares and Penates of the Ancients.’ The lares and penates were the household spirits of the ancient Romans. 864 more words