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Willows Turned Yellow


Winter may seem to last forever, this one in particular (for me anyway, can’t wait for this cast to come off and the radiation treatments to end!!!!), but there are signs all around that shows us spring is only a few weeks (OK, months, but what are months but a few weeks each?) away. 178 more words

Magic Moments

Willow In The Porter

It’s imPorterant to stay still.

Let willow trees move you.


Gypsy Moth Caterpillar Spotted in Westchester

What is the Gypsy Moth?

An invasive bug native to Eurasia that is well known for the damage that is causes to trees. They prefer Oak Trees, Birch Trees and Willow Trees, but will also prey on a number of different shrubs and trees that are in close proximity. 248 more words

'Pussy Willow' 70x70cm acrylic painting

Some of the willow trees in the wildlife conservation area of Hotham Park have had a real hair cut.  I was delighted to see this cat who seems to be a bit of a local character as I have spotted it before.

That Wanaka Tree

Over 70 years ago, “That Wanaka Tree” began as a wooden fence post that kept livestock from wondering through the Wanaka Village.

From those origins, a beautiful willow tree has grown. 213 more words


Willow Branches

Deep within the dark Pacific Northwest winter I went to the island nursery to get some eucalyptus branches for my bathroom. It not being the season for eucalyptus branches the gentleman offered me some cut willow tree. 370 more words

Gulf Islands, Canada