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Tulips & Willows

As spring marches into April the Tulips have begun to bloom,

And willows have turned green and yellow.


12 Struggles All Introverted Hopeless Romantics Understand

1. You are a damn Casanova online, but…when you make the switch to IRL? Ugh. You clam up and go silent. Maybe a few nervous giggles every now and then, but you’re basically mute. 728 more words

The Walking Dead

It’s 2:21 pm

A cold windy day here in SE Michigan. Its sunny but its not warm. Alive but not living. Was being entertained late last night by my friend Kerri who was on the warpath about having anyone talking about The Walking Dead season finale. 815 more words


Episode 3, Strip 7 "Demonstrating the Speedy Research Possible With Books!"

Ugh, that connecting tail that cuts over Willow’s face. I use Comic Life to create my comics, and for the most part it’s a fantastic app for what I’m trying to do. 190 more words

Willow: 30 Years Later (or so)

I haven’t watched Willow in about 30 years. I remember it as bad but is it Star Wars Holiday Special bad?

The monsters are killer shrews… 74 more words