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Bitten by the Willow Bug

Jane was bitten by the willow bug and picked up a well deserved Vale Role Model Award. We were delighted to celebrate Jane’s learning journey which started out on a 3 day willow course with Vale Courses at the Old Hall Cowbridge.  151 more words


Garden Touring

Today I’m sharing a recap of the fantastic garden tour I did last weekend.  Grab something to drink and get comfy because there are going to a LOT of pictures in this post!   1,987 more words


With an Old Willow Pole

By Sara Ray

Many summers ago when I was still a young lass, daddy took us fishing while mommy was busy visiting a sick family. Daddy said the trout would be yummy he would catch today. 137 more words


A study in stones part 3

Typical willow and urn – Green Mount Cemetery – Montpelier, Vermont


Meadows Maintained

Today the volunteers joined Jenny and I at Hawley Meadows for some Willow sapling removal. We removing the saplings to prevent trees taking over the site and shading out the meadow. 53 more words


Weeping Willow: Short story

Have you ever heard the story of the Weeping Willow? Hers is a sad story I’m afraid.

Her name was Alis, she was a young widow with her son and a young baby daughter. 183 more words

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When It's OK To Stare

I actually wince when I catch someone staring at my youngest daughter, Willow. That’s because it hurts me. It physically hurts me. I imagine all the horrible things that person might be thinking while looking at my daughter and it causes my heart to break, hence the pain. 399 more words

Down Syndrome