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Lost My Mind, Lost My Control, and Now Losing My Hair

Here it is, the final missing symptom of PCOS: Alopecia.

Three months ago I thought I was shedding an abnormally lot of hair. My mom was curling my hair one evening (Yes, I’m 25 and still can’t curl my own hair) I mentioned to her my fear of balding. 306 more words


morbid morning discussions : how i'd like to die

for some unknown reason, my mum and i thought that a nice way to start the day would be by talking about how we’d like to die. 130 more words

Casual Mumbles

Counting Corvids Chapter Twenty-One Cheeky Extras


Not a common trait of an Elemental. In fact it is one that has never been heard of before amoung Elementals.

Healing has a warm fuzzy glow feeling to it. 65 more words

Counting Corvids Chapter Twenty-One

Chapter Twenty-One “Control”

Willow finally left the house to get some air, Hunter had gone to work and she just wanted a little space. Willow found herself back in the park just like she had done so many times before. 327 more words


Just light raining down through the leaves of a willow tree in the Boston Public Garden.


A Domestic Potato Appears!

Ello there!

Welcome to the place that Willow likes to call “Adventures: Straight from Willow’s Tunnel” – which I think is a bit corny, but he doesn’t seem to agree. 164 more words

Guinea Pig