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Hurdles for garden design competition

I’ve nearly finished three willow hurdles that will be part of  a garden design competition that a college’s design students are entering. They  were after low impact, local materials, these should fit the bill. 35 more words


Willow Chapter 14 Expo Continued

Willow Chapter 14

Steve watched the slave girl getting fucked and felt the anger burning brightly within his mind. He felt his commitment to the cause growing stronger and better defined. 7,080 more words


Willow Chapter 13 The Frame

Willow Chapter 13

Carl guided Page and Willow to the left side of the crowd. Master Lobo was speaking to a slave owner at the far side of the group and did not notice Carl and the girls moving away. 1,640 more words


Episode 2, Strip 13 "Her Priorities May Be Weird, But Her Heart's in the Right Place"

Willow just looked so pissed in that last frame I had to make her upset, even though she really just saved the day.

Thank you for reading.