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Places, in Passing

Lately, I’ve been worrying a lot.

Living in the midst of a massive Ponderosa pine forest during an enduring drought will do that to a person. 347 more words

Willows Wept Review

Mountains to Ashes

One thousand years counts as recent history in a landscape where patience runs a mile deep. Yet on the southwestern edge of the Colorado Plateau, human fascination with the ancient and spectacular Grand Canyon draws most of the attention while younger monuments to earth’s unsettled past stand hidden in plain sight. 558 more words

Willows Wept Review

Rainy Day

I made this video in early March of last year. Today is an almost perfect repeat. It’s a day made for blankets, manuscript revisions, and query letters. 66 more words


Making a List

Spending the day inside staring at the computer with TweetDeck running in the background is no substitute for a day out gazing at the landscape, but with one of my deck’s columns devoted to “enviro” it’s possible to maintain some connection with what’s going on out there. 439 more words

Willows Wept Review

Pushcart Nominations

We submitted these nominations at the end of November, but it’s not until now that we’ve announced them publicly. We’re pleased to say that we’ve sent in nominations for this year’s Pushcart Prize for the following writers: 89 more words

Willows Wept Review

Roads to Nowhere

In Pondicherry where I live they say that even if one were to trip and fall one would fall full length only at the feet of some deity or other! 1,353 more words

Willows Wept Review

Case Study

Ten quiet minutes walking on a dirt and gravel path winding among a stand of pines won’t vanquish the full frontal assault of contemporary life on my soul and sensibilities. 256 more words

Willows Wept Review