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The Body of an American -- Wilma Theater

Throughout Dan O’Brien’s play, “The Body of an American,” a writer, called Dan because he is the stage alter ego for Dan O’Brien, talks to a character representing Toronto Star war correspondent, Paul Watson, about a play he wants to write about his experiences in the world’s tensest places and, particularly, about a famous picture Paul took in Mogadishu of an American, Michael Cleveland, being dragged through the streets by a rabid mob that is tearing him to death amid other tortures. 2,462 more words

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Angels land again

Last night turned into a late night when I ventured up to Ferndale’s Ringwald Theatre for their closing performance of Angels in America: Part II. 248 more words


Letter: Suffering for art: An actress speaks

Below is a letter I wrote that was originally published on Broad Street Review: click here 

Dear Jackie Atkins:

I recently stumbled across “The La Bohème syndrome,” in which you attack what you call the romantic but masochistic notion that great art requires suffering. 647 more words

Previously Published On Broad Street Review