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To Recover from a Crisis, Retell Your Company’s Story

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When a blizzard hit Baltimore in 2003, the roundhouse roof of the B&O Railroad Museum collapsed, damaging the finest collection of historic railway artifacts in the country and breaking hearts in the global community of rail fans. 737 more words


Women & Surf Tourism

Fendt, L. S., & Wilson, E. (2012). ‘I just push through the barriers because I live for surfing’: how women negotiate their constraints to surf tourism. 253 more words

R. Wilson

Advertised in The Herald that he was opening a photographic gallery in High Street, Fremantle on 17 August 1867.

Full name not known.

Western Australia


My office was feeling a bit bare of greenery, so I now have a yukka named Wilson.

Why Wilson, you ask?

Wishing you a wonderful day. 14 more words

Mentally Fit


დეივის ტრადიციული ფოტო.მე არ ვჩანვარ.

ამ მიტოვებული ბლოგის (ვიცოდი რომ ასეც იქნებოდა ) პირველი პოსტი ერთ კაცზე იყო. მაშინ საერთოდ არ მიფიქრია, რომ ეს კაცი რამდენიმე თვეში ჩემგან ისე ახლოს იდგებოდა რომ შევძლებდი მის სახეზე ოფლის წვეთები დამეთვალა :) მომიტევეთ რომანტიკა.


Teenage Times are the best! Standing at 19!

So the draft is over; I haven’t managed to read all about it yet so I’m a bit unaware as to which team “won big time” and which one “drafted a bust”. 676 more words


Georgina Wilson Kisses Singlehood Goodbye As She Tied The Knot! How Anne Curtis Reacted Was Amazing!

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The friendship that the IT girls Anne Curtis, Solenn Heussaff and Georgina Wilson is unbelievable. These girls are known for their amazing body, beautiful face and wit. 14 more words