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Lost and Found: Sibylle Baier's Colour Green

In Stuttgart in the 70’s a group of young bohemian artists including the film-maker Wim Wenders (who went on to make the amazing film the Wings of Desire… 417 more words


Daily Dose of Immortality

“Why can’t I be good?” Lou Reed sings this question in Wim Wenders’s film Far Away, So Close! “Why can’t I act like a man? Why can’t I be good?” Was John good? 72 more words

A hearted apology to Wim Wenders

(Referred to the previous post about “Der Himmel über Berlin„, published yesterday, 24 December, on this blog. -Here- )

When editing and summarizing my sister’s notes about the film “Der Himmel über Berlin„, I misunderstood (in fact, missed to read) a couple of lines and attributed to the director, … 74 more words

A bitter-sweet appraisal and some nice frames from “Der Himmel über Berlin„

 [This is a posthumous post -as every other one published here by Arishej after 13-August, 2016. The drafts (there were two -put together now-) date from January 2016… 640 more words


LOU REED / WIM WENDERS :: THERE IS NO TIME, from Faraway, So Close, 1993

Lou Reed & Band make a cameo performance in Wim Wenders’ Faraway, So Close, 1993


Take a class with me in Berlin

I’ve always wanted to teach a community college class abroad. This spring, I’ll finally get to do it!

From May 28-June 11, I’ll be teaching a… 204 more words


The Salt of the Earth

Salt of the Earth, The (2014)
★★★★ / ★★★★

A picture of a woman had impacted director Wim Wenders so deeply that he hopes to find out what drives the person who took it and understand why he had left an impression on the filmmaker. 503 more words

Well, I'm Certainly Not Going Through Life With One Hand Tied Behind My Back. -- James Dean