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Your Candidate Sucks: Jeb Bush

NAME: Jebbart “Jeb” Bush
DOB: He’s like the middle son ain’t he?
BIGGEST FANS: The guy who HAS to tell you how his fantasy team did… 1,474 more words

People Who Rule Over Us

Sir Lance-when-he-feels-like-it.

When I was a wee squire

I smelt dragon fire

Beneath the stables of the castle.

I considered heroics,

But chose not to show it. 8 more words


How Do Astronomers Use Light to Probe Dark Matter?

Looking throughout our universe, we see many fascinating objects and diverse phenomena. Observing over a range of wavelengths and distances, astronomers around the world have detected various planets, some possibly supporting life, as well as twinkling stars, evolving nebulae and clouds of gas and dust, exploding novae, spiraling and rotating galaxies, some colliding with each other, in addition to quasars, blazars, pulsars, comets, and other exotic things. 1,141 more words


Why Science Cannot Ever Be the Whole Story

The stories of science are useful stories, however they cannot be considered complete stories because there is so much about our universe that science does not know. 317 more words

No More Wimpy Christians!

Wimpy…The American Christian

I wonder if American Christians read the same Bible I read. I hear so many complaints about their lives. They express disappointment with God and the Christian life. 500 more words


From Symmetry: "Miraculous WIMPs"


July 15, 2015
Manuel Gnida

Artwork by Sandbox Studio, Chicago with Ana Kova

What are WIMPs, and what makes them such popular dark matter candidates? 762 more words

Basic Research

When Did Americans Become Wimps?

As a kid, I played ‘Cowboys and Indians’.  My younger siblings and I galloped around the yard on stick horses, firing our six-shooter cap guns, and drawing back on our… 675 more words