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From IPNL: "First Results of the EDELWEISS III experiment"

Institut de Physique Nucleaire de Lyon

13 May, 2016
Cazes Antoine

EDELWEISS bolometers before installation. No image credit

The EDELWEISS experiment aims to detect WIMPs, a candidate for dark matter particles. 245 more words


My blood boils the extraction of patriotism

American flags removed from colleges and in one case burned, this is America and I have had enough of these sissified wimps passing themselves off as adults yet still need places to cry and feel safe under a flag they label as racist. 65 more words

Forging dark matter in the Big Bang

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The early 1990s had people certain about one thing regarding the expansion of the Universe: Once it gained enough energy density, the expansion would stop and the universe would recollapse / The energy density would drop to a minimum value, such that gravity would superrule it and cause contraction of the system due to attraction. 670 more words

Modern Era

From SURF: "LUX: The end of an era"

Sanford Underground Research facility

October 17, 2016
Constance Walter

The top of the the LUX detector can be seeen emerging from the water tank. From Left Doug Tiedt, Wei Ji, and Ken Wilson work on the removal. 1,025 more words


Life is a Lion's Den

I never thought I would hear a band that combined the spazzy┬ápop bliss of Neil Armstrong with the primal pop eccentricities of the Intelligence… 153 more words