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What's the point of International Men's Day?

Today is International Men’s Day (IMD), a fact likely to be met with a combination of puzzlement and resentment – a mix of ‘why” and ‘how dare they?’ What’s the point of it? 267 more words


In Memory Of John Peel Show: Nov 13th - Podcast & Playlist

Thunderous music from USA Nails, tribute to The Spaceape RIP and much more

In Memory of John Peel Show LIVE on Fridays noon-2pm Pacific time on… 253 more words

From Symmetry: "Dark matter’s newest pursuer"


Mike Ross

Scientists have inaugurated the new XENON1T experiment at Gran Sasso National Laboratory in Italy.

Researchers at a laboratory deep underneath the tallest mountain in central Italy have inaugurated… 630 more words

Basic Research

When a woman is not into you... #Kim Su Ro,Ep 18 

… fuck off, dude. Don’t hang on as they are still many fish in the sea. In this case, Jin Asi had the hots for A Hyo who loved Su Ro but he still harboured feelings for her. 67 more words

Korean Dramas

Watch This: Vol. 99

Last week was another particularly strong week for live clips, with two of KEXP’s most memorable sessions of 2015 acting as bookends for this installment of the series. 612 more words

Your Candidate Sucks: Jeb Bush

NAME: Jebbart “Jeb” Bush
DOB: He’s like the middle son ain’t he?
BIGGEST FANS: The guy who HAS to tell you how his fantasy team did… 1,474 more words

People Who Rule Over Us