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Primordial Black Holes and Dark Matter

Based on observed gravitational interactions in galactic halos (galaxy rotation curves) and in group and clusters, there appears to be 5 times as much dark matter as ordinary matter in the universe. 652 more words

Dark Matter


A pprobe detected a mysterious signal that physics can’t explain


The spaceprobe entered the orbit in December 2015. It wss launched from the Jiuquan (酒泉) Satellite Launch Center in the Gobi Desert (戈壁沙漠), about 820 miles northwest of Xi’an (西安). 97 more words


Sparks of Meaning

Sparks, hosted by McGuffy’s Reader has us shining a light on our lives and producing a quote that shares a positive image of what we are searching for.                                                      127 more words

Freedom of speech vs. freedom to boycott

    I have read quite a bit lately, both nationally and locally, about the right of freedom of speech and NFL players taking a knee during our National Anthem. 219 more words

Heed My Warning

Don’t ever ask for a hero.

You’ll get a wimp and his whore.

Before you can shake ’em

you’ll be attached to them like toys. 16 more words


The Friday Five - August 4, 2017

I’ll be back in the PNW in a couple of weeks, and by some crazy awesome luck, I’ll also be seeing two fantastic bands perform while I’m there: Filthy Friends, and Wimps. 192 more words


bad girls advice

Scandalous conduct by the ladies this week as ‘Bad Girls Advice’ — a secret women-only Fakebook site — is uncovered, filled with exactly the kind of nasty cock-grabbing locker room behaviours you’d expect to find in a men-only site. 385 more words

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