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"This work isn't for wimps"...

I recently heard these words from a sermon preached by a young minister named Reggie Abraham. Reggie and his family attend the same church we have been attending the past several weeks, and this was my first time hearing him minister. 733 more words


Has the dark matter mystery been solved?

Unseen dark matter has been invoked several times to solve problems in astrophysics and cosmology. Historically the most significant problem has been the rotation curves of galaxies, particularly spiral galaxies. 2,724 more words


Liberty Is Not for Wimps

March 15. 2017 Dr. Walter E. Williams

Most Americans, whether liberal or conservative, Democratic or Republican, do not show much understanding or respect for the principles of personal liberty. 636 more words

...And That Proves My Toughness (Or Something)

My Uncle was a pussy.

My Grandpa was a wimp.

My Father was a chicken

And my Brother is a shrimp.

My Cousins are all cowards… 17 more words


Republicans need to show a little backbone - grow a spine

It never ceases to amaze me how the American people continue to vote Republicans into office without any results for their efforts. I’m just as guilty as the rest, although I consider myself an independent voter, the Republican agenda fits the way I believe over the America-hating agenda of liberal Democrats. 185 more words

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One way to stop the "carnage"

Our Twitter President references urban crime as carnage versus, oh say, extreme poverty pushed beyond its breaking point. I thought he was going to do something in Chicago, which he holds up as the worst in carnage, yet, while I know this will shock some, he hasn’t done a single thing. 312 more words

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