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Nerds searching for WIMPs

“Nerds searching for WIMPs” – I’m definitely one. This photo was taken overlooking the Homestake gold mine (you can see the white mineshaft tower in the background), now the Sanford Underground Research Facility, where an enormous experiment searching for dark matter is currently running, and where my even bigger experiment is going to be built. 328 more words

Dark Matter

More Expat Survival Stories: Soviet-Style Dental Surgery

On Going to the Dentist in Bishkek (twice)
Gawd, that was awful.
First, let me give you some background. I’m an American. My last memory of going to the dentist in America involves a supple leather chair and pink bubble-gum flavored laughing gas that knocked me out for an hour. 1,024 more words

Living Abroad

Dark Matter Candidates: WIMPs

Well, I keep having trouble getting my science posts on a regular schedule, so here’s another one. This is the first of several posts on possible dark matter candidates. 968 more words


11.3 How users interact with ICT systems

Most systems have a keyboard, mouse and monitor for their interface.

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) – most commonly used type of interface; users icons or pictures that are easily understood by the user and can be clicked using an input device. 
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Neither Snow nor Rain nor Mega Snowbank ....

….. will keep us from our Tim Horton’s habit. This photo taken outside a Tim’s in east Saint John after the major dumping on Atlantic Canada got last week. 75 more words

Soft men tend to be born from soft countries. – Herodotus

Have Experimentalists Discovered Dark Matter?

Scientists have long known that dark matter is out there, silently orchestrating the universe’s movement and structure. But what exactly is dark matter made of? And what does a dark matter particle look like? 889 more words

Physics In The News