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Wimps To Release New EP On Kill Rock Stars: Pre-Order Now!

Seattle, WA’s Wimps have signed with Kill Rock Stars and are releasing a new EP.

The EP, Super Me, features five tracks and is due out August 7 on cassette and mp3. 32 more words


Black Holes Destroy Dark Matter (and Emit Gamma Rays)

Black holes can cause dark matter to annihilate in their vicinity by concentrating the dark matter and enhancing the collision rate between dark matter particles. The best observational candidates are supermassive black holes, such as the 4 million solar mass black hole found at the center of our Milky Way galaxy. 1,073 more words

Dark Matter

Not a Football (Soccer) Fan




I can’t handle this

Why I can’t stand men’s soccer

I can’t stand football (soccer) either. Footballers get paid too much money too….

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Don't "Get Even"

I have a strict zero-tolerance for wimps. I’ve always thought acting in “fairness” is like believing there’s a such thing as a god. Life isn’t fair and when you try to make things “fair” you just sound like a whiney nine year old girl. 119 more words


Sorting out Daniel Hayden Shacklett

Genealogy can seem dry – you write down the name,  birth and death dates (if known), spouses, children, parents, siblings, location.  And there you have all your needed information. 1,104 more words


Hashtag "Badass Nancy Boys"

“Badass” women are going to bathe in your male tears you misogynist neckbeards. We’re not letting you have your video games, your comic books, your football, or your action movies.

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