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Wind power is not a commie scam

So, is it really true that wind power is “not fuel efficient”,  cause more emisisons than they create could not survive without commie “green” subsides and taxes to prop them up? 519 more words

All residents in Prince Edward County turbine zone will be affected: acoustics expert

All residents in White Pines project area will be affected by noise: top acoustician testimony

Report on Environmental Review Tribunal Hearing on White Pines Wind Project… 464 more words

Wind Power

We Can't Direct the Wind, But We Can Use It: Personal Turbines

To be honest, I am not that well read on the modern-day energy crisis. But to be frank, I’m also not oblivious to high energy prices, lots of hubbub surrounding the issue, and the concern that non-renewable energy sources are just that – non-renewable. 800 more words

Fueling the Future With Renewable Energy

Imagine a country that runs entirely with energy from wind, water and sun. A world where natural gas, nuclear power and even biofuels, are completely unnecessary. 977 more words


SaskPower details ambitious plans for more renewable power sources

REGINA — Saskatchewan is signalling that it wants to be “a player in terms of responsible energy production” by reducing the province’s reliance on coal and adding wind and solar power. 575 more words


Wind Energy: Conventional offshore expertise contributes to off-the-shelf wind turbines

Wind energy is widespread in Europe, mostly onshore, but increasingly offshore as well. Statoil towed out the the Hywind  floating wind turbine off the Norwegian coast in 2009. 243 more words


Salt water battery


Murdoch University

A sodium-ion battery being developed in Australia is set to increase solar energy use and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, according to researchers.

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