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Poland: Installing Wind and Remembering Chopin

It’s highly unlikely that anyone anywhere will ever forget the great Frederic Chopin and the incredible music for the piano that he left us. It’s even less likely that anyone in Poland will ever forget him. 80 more words

Wind Energy

Wind Energy Comes to Iowa—Corn Farming Not Impeded

Because I watch so little commercial television, I tend not to see advertisements—even the good ones, like this piece for Siemens and the success they’re having with wind energy… 83 more words

Wind Energy

Britain’s offshore wind achievement and wave power potential

In March the FT’s environmental correspondent Pilita Clark reported that, on Sunday 17th of August 2014, 22% of the UK’s electricity supply was generated by wind – a ‘record high’. 462 more words


The Standard: Victorian RET is the way to go

The Daniel Andrews’ government’s commitment to reinstate a Victorian Renewable Energy Target (VRET) has won the endorsement of The Standard newspaper.

There’s a growing chorus of support for a VRET. 695 more words


Unfounded Attacks on Wind Energy

The folks who argue that wind energy is a bad thing have a very tough challenge, considering all the fossil fuels being replaced and all the jobs (50,000 in the U.S. 96 more words

Wind Energy

American Bird Conservancy - bird-safe buildings and wind power conflicts

AP: Wind Turbines Being Installed in Sensitive Bird Habitat on Massive Scale

New research supported by American Bird Conservancy (ABC) shows that more than 30,000 wind turbines have been installed in areas critical to the survival of federally-protected birds in the United States and that more than 50,000 additional turbines are planned for construction in similar areas. 1,322 more words


Technology development: bladeless wind turbines

Andrew Griffin writes in the Independent about the latest technology development for wind turbines. It will be interesting to see what impact these new turbines will have. 287 more words

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