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Basics of Energy


  • widely used fossil fuels
  • fluid mixture of hydrocarbons, H2O, sulfur: underground deposits
  • fluid nature makes ideal for mobile combustions (vehicles)
  • nonrenewable: fossil fuels take millions of years to form (remains of fossilized animals)
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Expository Writing

Always trying to tidy up.

She doesn’t see your piles of leaves the way you do.


the wind sweeps the leaves
trying to tidy the lawn
Gail is very neat… 9 more words


The Desert Girl 2.0

she was naked

before I could think

then of course

there was no thinking

just the feel

of her and the wind

moving on my skin


#30 Haiku-Summer


Summer is full of fun,

beach view, pleasant wind, tumbling leaves

Clear weather with scorching heat.

©Sweta Sarangi


Weekly Prompt Challenge


Storm Slams Sunbury

SUNBURY — A storm ripped through Sunbury Tuesday evening, downing trees and causing minor street flooding.

“It actually looked like, I looked at the sky and it looked like there was a tornado working in the sky, big hail balls, I mean it was very quick. 321 more words


Day # 58: Of 100 Days Of Counting It All Joy.

Today I am Counting It All Joy because when life circumstances leaves me feeling perplexed, …….I can look to Him!

~For He Is~

For He is the only Anchor that I know, 73 more words

When nuclear is closed in California, what takes its place?

What replaced San Onofre?
Nicholas Thompson

It sounds like a pretty simple question, and the answer is actually pretty simple. To the first order, San Onofre, a low carbon nuclear facility in California that stopped operating in early 2012, was replaced with natural gas generation. 1,331 more words