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sweet angel, GOD instructs that each soul be polished,
not so much that we buff polish any and every “thing.”
things and proclivities of the world are bane of expose’. 10 more words

leaves and fruit of living wood

the leaf of the tree protects
its fruit and a living wood .

no sweet, Anderson

no, sweet Anderson,
no one is straight .
no one is gay .
every man,
every woman,
becomes lonely,
of ALMIGHTY GOD HIMSELF . 20 more words

GOD within vs. the world without

as such the without, of the world,
look and listen, listen and look,
around above, above around;
as within, of GOD . TRUTH,
see and hear, hear and see,
within above, above within .

true liberation

the true liberation protocol becomes one’s own his keeping
for self no money power fortune fame pleasure of the world .

earth being HIS Truth; world is the chaos

every person has propensity proclivity whim regarding the resolution expose’.
each soul possesses within surrender offer obedience regarding resolve reveal .
the reveal regards his own liberation soul .   78 more words