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Two white butterflies

dart among fallen piñons,

dancing with the wind.



the wind kicks up
leaves and dust
plastic bags and trash



Restive and anxious

Gusty winds plague the windchime

Forcing it to sing

Truculence is all it takes

As fresh blooms become snowflakes


The Wind Calls For Attention

In the current political climate it may sound like howling in the wind, at first, but read on:

A Case for a Market-Driven Green New Deal…

660 more words

A first paragraph

Somewhere, something was rattling against the house.
They had left no windows open, they all checked to make sure. But it was an old house, and yet unfamiliar to them, and in every room it seemed like the rattling was coming from the next room over, and the next, and the next, so they’d given up on finding its source. 190 more words

Creative Writing

Fly over The Wounded Forest part 2

The scenery around Lake Carezza in which the Dolomites are reflected is profoundly changed. The tornado that hit October 30 will be remembered as one of the worst climatic catastrophes in South Tyrol. 50 more words


Cairn, 2019: Tell Me When

Photo by Pok Rie on Pexels.com

when i started blogging i found myself letting myself write at times i wouldn’t have, and letting myself follow things i may not have, this I think is one of those, not really clever, not great lines, but true to me… 10 more words