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The tide...

Here or there

A tug of war across the breakers
Creative differences
Playing with happiness
Dodgeball with fate and
Teeter-tottering responsibilities

Feeling your fingertips brush my soul… 76 more words


The Bottom Line

When I began this journey of going to church and such, I hadn’t really realized how unique of an individual I am. I began living each and every day with an expectation to meet more people like me… but I have yet to find my match. 734 more words


Winds of Change

Last Saturday, it clouded over. The wind chilled and blew. Prematurely dead leaves rained down, pushed from their homes into a nomadic existence on the ground. 301 more words

Tacking around obstacles in the sea of life

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” ~ Jimmy Dean

This is a great quote about dealing successfully with what the world throws at you, and still reaching a destination that you decide upon.  169 more words


Blown away

A restless wind –
South-west, heavy with salt
And smells of seaweed, storm-stripped from far-off islands –
Sets my mind flapping like luffed sails,
Every thought straining at its shrouds. 70 more words


One of the Most Ridiculous Anime Cosplay You'll See This Year

(Source: kotaku.com)


Even though it’s similar to one you might have seen last year, this cosplay will still be hard to top. That’s right, here’s another Hunter x Hunter Gon cosplay. 145 more words


A place where hairs are blown

So many places there are that make a mind go wilder and the past soak up abruptly. It must be the rains and the colder zephyrs the cause of it. 265 more words