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Wind of summer

Wind of summer night whistles aloud
Starlight trickles to us from clouds
In silence, in mayhem, the clear and the blur
For us we have wandered to run our about… 169 more words


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By Giedriius

Source: 500px.com


Trains in the wind

I live very close to a railroad. Many people see it as a disadvantage, but I really enjoy it. I love it when the trains pass by at night, when the rhythmic sound of metal wheels is mixed with the sound of wind, and the noise of the city. 7 more words


Day 142 - The Arboreal Teachers

Go Now And Dance

To the dancers and

singers of life’s purest destiny:

Enter now into

Nature untamed; go and dance

among the leafing

arboreal teachers that sing… 78 more words

For AcuRite Pro 3in1 Color Weather Station with Wind Speed

Are your station programs costing we share plus income?Frank Lynn & Associates has seen an interesting similarity among our customers lately, especially those inside conventional mature markets. 328 more words


Brewer Blog - Wind generators – Free Power

Wind generators are one of the most reliable forms of alternative power sources on the planet. They are made to manufacture power by transforming the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical energy, which is then either harnessed directly (in the case of windmills, for example, which were used to change wheat into flour, or to pump water for farming) or coupled to a generator that creates a DC output that can be used in a more general sense. 71 more words