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WinDBG commands, threads

Viewing ongoing operations (thread activity) in memory snapshot. 442 more words


Debugging Services Using WinDbg

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┬áRecently i have been spending some time going over some samples suspected to be related to Emissary Panda group. The initial lead was this… 1,105 more words

Reverse Engineering

WinDBG basic commands, part 3, SQL

This post shows WinDBG commands to analyse SQL queries produced by application. Answering the mystery what parts of program bombard SQL Server with queries.

Ongoing SQL commands… 145 more words


WinDBG basic commands, part 2

How busy CPU is?

!theadpool command shows avg. CPU usage (during last second), number of active threads, and callbacks:


Use case: High CPU investigations, ensure snapshot was collected during maxed CPU. 211 more words


Tackling memory leak

In academia, there is no difference between academia & the real world.

In the real world, there is.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

This post covers the…

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Debugging Stop 0xC9 - The Tale of the Missing Device Object

One of the users at Sysnative Forums posted in our BSOD Academy regarding a question about a Driver Verifier induced bugcheck and why is it blaming the Windows kernel. 1,103 more words

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