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Trying new things doesn’t always come easy.  Especially when you work alone. As quick as you have an idea, you can talk yourself out of it before the kettle has boiled. 1,527 more words

Specs Around Town- Downtown Bloomington

Last but not least, here is my favorite window display I saw in Downtown Bloomington! Specs Around Town is a cute eyeglasses boutique. Like my last post, Specs Around Town had a Valentine’s Day themed display. 146 more words

Window Display

Gigi Bottega- Downtown Bloomington

Gigi Bottega is a boutique in Downtown Bloomington. This window has a slight Valentine’s Day theme because I took this picture in early February. Since there is no signage, this window can be interpreted different ways. 134 more words

Window Display

Burpo's Boutique- Downtown Bloomington

As you can probably tell, I had so much trouble taking pictures in Downtown Bloomington. The glare was terrible at most of the stores! This is a boutique called Burpo’s Boutique. 155 more words

Window Display

Modkid- Downtown Bloomington

Last semester I went on a field trip to Modkid and got to learn about her products. Modkid is not actually a store, but the office for the brand. 134 more words

Window Display

Shoes VM in london-Gina,Christian Louboutin

I was seen two visual merchandising before my US visa apply in London.One is for Gina and another one is for Christian Louboutin.
I want to talk about Louboutin first because it is a fantastic VM design with movement window display , As soon as the LV In the early time, it has conveyor belt with it. 25 more words

Visual Merchandising

Making a bold statement for Valentines

Who actually looks forward to Valentines? Women. There is no harm in doing something a little more special for your other half. And what better occasion than on the most celebrated day for it! 225 more words