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it has been a while since I have posted any images on the blog; working full-time has kept me busy and away from blogging; I have been slightly more active on Instagram. 284 more words


I'll Always Take The Window Seat

“We have an isle or window seat option available, which do you prefer?” might be some of my favorite words ever spoken. When there are views to be had at thirty thousand feet (or anywhere really), sign me the heck up. 848 more words

mile high

Sometimes, for work, I can be in a plane up to 4 times in one week.

And I still get giddy when I see this kind of beauty.

Window to My World

My abuela had a saying for these situations: “Pica y se extiende.” Loosely translated, this means, the situation just gets worse. Simply put, “It’s complicated”–and will become even more so. 557 more words


From an Airplane at Night

We are seen here
not as we see
ourselves but as the gods see
us: not walking
under a face or an elephant floating
between us and the moon, but… 32 more words


6 Most Beautiful Aerial View Ever

What’s traveling on a plane if you don’t sit by the window? Well, I guess if you’re not a fan of heights, you’d pass. But I’m here to tell you how very unlucky of you to be missing out the world’s greatest sights! 828 more words