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Scenes from the Window Seat

It’s Flyaway Friday, and this week I have a special treat for you! Today we’re getting a bird’s eye view–a view from the window seat! Over the years I’ve slept very little on planes, but a benefit of that is I get to see lots of sunrises and sunsets, sometimes multiples on long-haul flights! 562 more words

Up in the sky

Which is your favorite airline seat?




the instagrammable-window-seat-views?

For toilet convenience, the isle seat is definitely the best choice.

I’m the type of person who goes back and forth to the toilet, but that being said, the sky view >> toilet convenience, so imagine how it’s like on a 7+ hrs flight sitting next to the window and can’t keep back my thirsty-ness and have to refrain myself from going to the loo cause the 2 passengers next to me are either sleeping, doesn’t look like they want to be disturbed and…. no leg room.

Up in the sky

Ever since I started studying abroad, I have been a frequent airplane passenger, especially when I was in Malaysia. Only 1.5 hour away, I tend to fly home at almost every school holiday. 95 more words


Where would you prefer to sit on an airplane?

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Aisle Seats,

Most would prefer window and aisle but I am absolutely sure many would ignore the middle seat and I’m one of ’em as well. 177 more words

My Cozy Window Seat

Although I don’t get to stay in my new home yet, I have been doing some serious decorating. So in October when I get married everything will be perfect. 262 more words


window seat

it has been a while since I have posted any images on the blog; working full-time has kept me busy and away from blogging; I have been slightly more active on Instagram. 284 more words