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Views From My Window Seats

I’ve been on a lot of flights in my life – some better than others that’s for sure.

But, something nearly all my flights have in common is the fact that I practically always have a window seat. 541 more words


Extendable Futon

Just inside Arborion’s front door is a maple futon under a large window. As with all things in a tiny house it has to serve multiple functions to maximize the usefulness. 150 more words

Tiny Home: Arborion

Tucked In, Tuckered Out

A picture from 16 years ago of a young Scout sleeping in my window seat. In her early years she enjoyed being under the covers but as she grew older she’d only go under the covers when she was upset.


We're BACK!

Like a white-walker from Game of Thrones, we’re back from the dead and on the move again and we’ve already made it south!  While winter is coming to most of the world,  we wanted to provide you an update from our latest location,  sunny Phuket, Thailand! 112 more words


Reading Spaces: Rustic Roots

As summer winds down many of us are planning one last retreat to nature before school starts and fall arrives. On this week’s Reading Spaces, I’m sharing some rustic reading spots inspired by mountain lodges and log cabin getaways. 27 more words


Window seat!

Starbucks is my new go-to place…not because of the green tea latte but more cos of the view and (the free wifi). I never… 64 more words

All The Buzz!

What does it take?

I don’t have a story to top all stories. My humble beginnings have their twists and turns but nothing worthy of a Lifetime special. In many ways, I’m fortunate for that; especially when I consider the trials an tribulations of other people. 402 more words

Life Lessons