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Day 17: Glass, Squared

Whenever I ride an airplane, I always ask for a window seat. Why? To see the breathtaking views from above.

Perfect for our photo101 assignment. :-) 36 more words


Auntie - Chapter 9: Room

Here’s chapter 9, which has gotten a little darker, I believe, and less enigmatic. If you can come up with a picture for this chapter, let me know! 1,234 more words

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The Middle Seat

I remember briefly mentioning the Middle Seat when discussing in-flight etiquette earlier. You know, the seat between the window and aisle seats on airplanes? Why am I capitalizing “Middle Seat”? 344 more words



So many of us stuck in this limbo that is life wonder how and when we will get to where we want to. I for one, am there now. 570 more words

Life Lessons

Window Seat

Snapped on my trusty Iphone 4, always and forever calling dibs on the window seat.


Take Me Out

Hello readers! I think another update was due although I’ve been mostly working since my last post. Here’s just a quick reminder of who I am and what this blog’s all about. 795 more words