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Reading Spaces: Reading Perch

I always look forward to the holidays. Not merely because they’re fun, sparkly, and overflowing with tasty eats and drinks, but because everything slows down just a little bit and I can manage to squeeze in just a little bit more reading time. 49 more words


Random acts of kindness

After a tiring day at work, a window seat in bus is a blessing. Though I traverse through the same route daily, the scene that unfolds outside has a different story to tell each day. 177 more words


The world canvas

Part 1: The Thing

Abstract art has several jobs, but one of the most important is to take the bits of the visual world around us, separate them from their context, and allow us to see them freshly. 1,436 more words

Reading Spaces: Built-In Reading Nooks

I love how clean these built-in spaces are! While there’s something to be said for DIY options, you can’t beat the clean, organized look of actual built-in reading nooks! 6 more words

Reading Space

Tour Istanbul

After a botched attempt to visit in 2016 unforeseen¬†circumstances and unfortunate political events, we finally made it to Istanbul, Turkey.¬† While moving out of our house in Laos we managed to take… 74 more words