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26 Weeks Letter Challenge: “W”

Please feel free to add your own version of letter “W” for all to enjoy and see…  It’s all about having fun and using our imagination to find pictures corresponding to the challenge…  … 105 more words

Weekly Challange

All About That (Phone) Hustle

Long story short, I used to call my husband’s work phone aka personal phone his mistress. Her name was Siri and she was my nemesis. Like for reals. 518 more words

Squeegees and Ungers and Fluffies, OH MY!

I cannot be the only one who has “retired” equipment in my house. Or am I? Do you have some in your house as well or am I some freak who loves to hoard these momentos of the life we now live? 405 more words

The First Year of the Window Cleaning Business

I won’t tell you much about our first year of marriage aside from the fact that we got pregnant and welcomed our first child in that time frame. 394 more words

Small Business Owners' Spouses Unite 

We’re on our way home from my very first pressure washing convention at the Gaylord in National Harbor near Washington DC. I hate flying. My least favorite thing next to laundry and cruise ships. 403 more words

How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost in Mckinney Texas?

Most professional window cleaners charge per pane, but a number of variables can affect the final price.

You have windows so that you can look outside. 391 more words

Window Cleaning

I see the truck clearly but the business is fuzzy

On a walk around the blocks surrounding the Little Bitty in our Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood with my dear wife Karen and Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle, I lagged behind a minute or so toward the end. 100 more words