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W.P. Photo Challenge: Windows-2

A Window is the opening to Curiosity… 

Looking from outside into an open window one never sees as much as when one looks through a closed window. 195 more words

The World As I See It

FileSystemWatcher Class in VB.NET

Just a quick post on using the Microsoft file system watcher component in the .Net framework with Visual Basic. Utilizing the Microsoft file system watcher component in .Net with Visual Basic, you’re able to watch a directory structure for changes to its contents and respond with Visual Basic code. 773 more words


Creating PDFs using Microsoft Word

Hi guys

Many great websites like “oracle base” let you copy the content from their site, so that you can make documents for offline references. Obviously, you need to copy, paste make sometimes format a bit here and there so that the document finally becomes worth keeping. 156 more words

Windows 7

Search through Pwned Passwords with PowerShell

Troy Hunt recently released over 300 million SHA1 hashes of passwords that his Have I Been Pwned website has been collecting. The site allows you to search the database to see if your passwords are included in those from many data dumps and breaches. 383 more words


Synchronous Delegate in VB.NET

I didn’t know why I would need one either until the need came up (“Oh no, my UI is on a different thread!”). Delegates are described as similar to function pointers in C++ in the Microsoft documentation. 636 more words