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Are Older Windows Tougher To Clean Than Newer Windows?

When it comes to cleaning windows, you may assume that it’s all simple. You get to the cleaning process, you dry them out, and that’s it. 409 more words

Window Cleaning

New for old: Replacing Window Frames

The wooden frames to this turn of the 20<sup>th</sup> century property were in a remarkable condition, the owner had records going back to 1930 showing a schedule of maintenance, the house had been in the family since it was built! 74 more words


Change BitLocker Recovery Password with PowerShell

When BitLocker detects certain changes to the computer it’ll trigger Recovery Mode, and prompt for the Recovery Password. Likewise, you also need the recovery password if you need to access the encrypted disk from another machine or via Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE). 260 more words


Get or update SysInternals tools with PowerShell

This is version 2 – the previous version relied on mapping a new PSDrive directly to \\live.sysinternals.com\tools which made things easy, but that no longer seems to work (or at least not for me, might be my web filtering blocking it). 104 more words


Renaming file extensions from Windows command line

To rename file extensions from the Windows command line follow the steps below.

1) First, you need to go to the directory where your files are placed. 328 more words


How to recover Unallocated Space and Assign Letter to USB Drive

Sometimes when you plug a USB drive into your machine you won’t see it in Computer or AutoPlay in Windows 7 or Vista. Today we take a look at how to create and format the hard disk partition and change the drive letter using command prompt so you can access it. 290 more words


Qt: Sending a window on top from another application

The problem statement was very simple. I had two applications in Qt say A and B both were communicating with Qt shared memory(very useful feature and easy to use also). 397 more words