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And time for bed

Since the last blog we actually had a visit from Hermetix who fixed the simpler issues with the front door. On the phone they said that they did not cover the paint issue (it is peeling) on their warranty but when the technician came he stated that it was their fault as they did not prepare the door carefully enough prior to painting, so they are going to build us a new front door panel. 314 more words


Review | Digital Storm Aura, the killer all-in-one PC

All-in-one (AIO) desktop computers are a ubiquitous sighting in any computer superstore, actual or virtual. One of the most popular and iconic is Apple’s 5K-screened iMac $1,899.00 at Amazon, which always seems to occupy a spot at the top of our ratings charts. 3,087 more words


Tips | Find WiFi Network Password On Windows Or Mac OS X

We all connect to so many different WiFi networks that it’s easy to get them mixed up. You no doubt have at least one WiFi network at home, then there’s the one at work, and probably one or two at your favorite coffee places, plus any others we missed for the list. 331 more words


5 Reasons I Like Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Been a while since I wrote about technical stuff. Having been involved with the Windows 10 Insider Preview for a long time, and it being less than a week before the huge Windows 10 Anniversary Update, I’d cover some of my favorite features showing up in the next release. 728 more words


Active Directory cmd commands

List groups user is in:

net user /domain username

List users in a group:

net group /domain groupName

If the group name contains spaces you need to put it in quotes


Constant RDP disconnects from Windows 2012 on VMware

Running Windows Server 2012 virtual machine on VMware ESXi hypervisor and receive constant disconnects through RDP.

Checked the logs and found out e1qexpress which indicates incompatibility of… 29 more words