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C# | Access Violation When Using Shared Memory From C/C++

When using dll made in C/C++ with the API below, a program in C# occurs ‘Access Violation’.


The below doesn’t work. So message passing with named pipe is in the air instead of shared memory. 231 more words

Dev Odyssey

Windows 10 mobile build 10586.107 is now available for insiders

We reported a little while back to expect a new build this week. As expected Windows 10 build 10586.104 is now available to preview for insider. 174 more words


Dukto : File transfer between mobile device and PC in a LAN

Check out Dukto at http://www.msec.it/blog/?page_id=11 . Its the simplest way to transfer files from and to a mobile device from a local network. No more sharing drives and permissions etc etc. Nuff said.


Change product key in Windows 7


If you just installed windows and wish to change the product key with another follow the stepw below:

1. Click on the Start Button and type:  55 more words


The future of windows phone is windows 10

Earlier this week, Microsoft released the numbers of everything it was doing business in. The cloud did fantastic, reaching the halfway point of their goal of $20 billion, up over 70% year-over year. 1,692 more words


Build 10586.71 for mobile is now available for insider on slow ring

A while back, Microsoft released this build for the fast ring insider. Even though it had no new features, it had was a solid build, with many bug fixes, and stability improvements throughout the OS. 229 more words


Cumulative update with build 10584.104 to be next week for PC, mobile insider update under testing

It looks like microsoft is ready to release a Cumulative update for windows 10 PC with build 10584.104, as reported by Windows Central. The update is likely being prepped for February 9, which is next week, though as the report says, is subject to change. 81 more words