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USB 3.0 External Drives | A quick alternative when disk reports errors

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During last few years, majority of the external HDDs were introduced with USB 3.0 ports which were supposed to make the data transfer faster (& they are until everything is OK). 143 more words


Print to a file a sorted list of all files on disk

Quick Tip: To print out all the files under a directory (or disk) at the top level type in a command prompt window the following : 40 more words


Oracle| Altering table structures through PL/SQL block

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Prior moving to Oracle EBS (R12) we were using a mini ERP system, that was as robust as possible, however lacked many features those were required for modern business environments. 696 more words

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If you have issues connecting to older computers....

If you find yourself not being able to connect to older computers or samba servers or old NAS from your windows PC, try this:

In windows registry (click start -> run and type regedit and then press enter) 35 more words


Four Benefits of Home Automation

 1. Peace of Mind

With home automation, you can control almost everything in your home from securing your alarm system to controlling your window coverings. Smart home technology can provide a certain level of comfort- after all, your home is the place you should feel the safest. 292 more words

Window Treatments

Why Preserve historic windows?

There is pressure to replace wooden windows with PVC-u this has come about partly by plastic window industry which has heavily invested in marketing, with the often optimistic claim made to fit replacements  in one day to a whole property, and the promise of a seamless experience with out the need too bring in other trades, may seem an attractive one. 199 more words


Types of glass found in historic windows

Broad Glass.

A method used widely in the 12 and 13th century found mainly in churches and cathedrals made by blowing a bubble of molten glass swung to create a tube this was then laid and flattened with  the ends cut. 592 more words