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Error "WindowsUpdate_80244019" or "WindowsUpdate_dt000" during update your Windows.

The problem in majority of the cases is related to the wrong DNS loading. The problem itself very often happens when you are behind several routers (like one from internet connection vendor and one your WiFi router) and until you don’t flush your current DNS configuration you can try anything but you won’t be successful. 86 more words


Fixing “The Parallel port driver service failed to start” on Windows 2003

My first blog post for 2016.
This is a reminder blog post.


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When your Windows 2003 boot up, you may see another a message like the below: 116 more words


How to restart 'Terminal services' on Windows 2003 without server reboot

Hi All!

As far as you know you can  perform only a startup of ‘terminal services’ on Windows 2003.

However, there is a workaround how to restart it manually. 100 more words

Terminal Services

Dell - Optiplex - GX270 on MS Windows 2003 - Video Driver


Unfortunately, still rebuilding the crashed Dell Optiplex GX 270.

It had MS Windows 2003 on it and so went in and installed that OS on it. 566 more words


Microsoft Patches Hacking Team Windows Kernel Zero Day

Microsoft has released a patch for the zero day exploit noted in the Hacking Team breach information as well as several final patches for the now extinct Windows 2003 Server.  6 more words

Security News

Migrating File Server from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2012 R2

To follow up on my previous blog post regarding Radius from Windows 2003 to Windows 2012 due to the End-of-life of Windows 2003 on July 14th 2015, I will continue down this track and provide you with a simple guide to migrate the File server from a source server, running on Windows 2003 to target server on Windows 2012 R2. 141 more words

Hello, DNA

I love seeing crazy comparisons and statistics, especially if it has anything to do with science

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)

  • If laid out end-to-end, all DNA within your body would go from the Earth to Pluto and back to the Earth (too bad Pluto is not a planet anymore.)
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