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Comparison of Windows 2012 Editions

Hello friends. With Windows 2012, Microsoft has made lot of changes as far as editions and licenses associated to these editions are concerned. At times it becomes confusing to understand which edition best suits our requirement. 28 more words


Installing Windows Server 2012 Roles and Features for SharePoint 2013

​Before you can run the SharePoint 2013 Pre-Requisite Installer program, Windows roles and features must be installed first. The quickest way is to install these components using powershell (unless you really like the wizards). 143 more words


Configuring/Removing Password Policies in Windows Server 2012 for Lab/Demo environments

The default password policies are pretty strict for a lab or demo environment.  If you’re not in a domain, it’s easy to modify these settings from the Local Security Policies: 111 more words


How to Secure Azure hosted websites and Disallow/redirect traffic on *.azurewebsites.net by configuring custom domain.

Always we talk about code fast , ship fast and continuous delivery/continuous integration. At the same time we need to have attention around security to certain level. 501 more words


Hello, DNA

I love seeing crazy comparisons and statistics, especially if it has anything to do with science

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA)

  • If laid out end-to-end, all DNA within your body would go from the Earth to Pluto and back to the Earth (too bad Pluto is not a planet anymore.)
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Solution - Unable to install SQL Server 2008 on Windows Server 2012 Server - Error - The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion

Recently I was trying to do some test with old version of SQL and ran into interesting issue. I ran the setup of SQL Server 2008 RTM on Windows Server 2012. 531 more words

SQL Server

Adding the Windows Security shortcut to a 2012 server start menu

MS appear to have removed the Windows Security Shortcut from an RDP session so if you want to press CTRL+ALT+DEL you are stuck.  OK so not entirely true and before I get loads of comments about the shortcut CTRL+ALT+END this only works on the first RDP connection, by that I mean we like to use a “jump server” which is a terminal server and then we RDP to another server from there.  174 more words