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Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V replication with two NIC's and self signed SSL certificate

Sometimes you want to separate the replication traffic from your regular LAN NIC so it won’t eat that precious bandwidth.

So if you want to enable replication between two Windows 2012 R2 hyper-v host servers using a dedicated separate NIC and a self signed SSL certificate, read on! 705 more words

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Aging and Scavenging (DNS)

Hi Friends,

I hope this post find you in good health and spirit. In this post we will discuss about aging and scavenging. Although there is a lot of information about it on internet, still I thought to compile my knowledge which can work as reference in time of need, as misconfiguration of scavenging can empty our DNS server and that will be DISASTER. 653 more words


Azure Windows Server 2012 VMs - non en-US Locale

Just a quick scream out into the void…

You know when you build a new server, a real one, you get to choose what locale / regionalisation / language settings you want the server to be installed with? 73 more words

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Gartner releases new quadrant of Hypervisors x86

Gartner has released in the middle of last month the new quadrant of hypervisors x 86.

In relation to the previous quadrant highlights the gap between VMWare and Hyper-V compared to other products… 57 more words

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Configure Windows Server 2012 Core

Hi Readers,

Just sharing important commands you will need for Configuring Server 2012 Core.

These all commands you should keep handy as we all windows admins luv GUI :) 276 more words


10 minutes with Octopus Deploy 3.0.1 (Server & Tentacle) Install, Configure and Run.

Code written by developers based on the requirements owned product owner from various source fed into the backlog does not have any business value until it’s been deployed into the production environments. 457 more words


DNS Self-Service with Orchestrator

Monday morning, you’re sitting in the comfort of your cubical, playing Minecraft, building a giant pixelated reptile, determined and focused, when suddenly a new outlook toast with “New DNS record creation request” as the subject appears… You feel like: 739 more words