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YouTube: Some windows shortcut key hints (by Alister Christie)

I wrote quite a few entries about Keyboards and Keyboard Shortcuts.

But Alister Christie did something much better: he published a great video on YouTube:  18 more words

Power User

Windows 8 Final Review (Tablet version)

I recently replaced my laptop with a Surface 3 (the 128 GB model).  While I was evaluating it, I had to shorten my write up by first starting with an evaluation of Windows 8. 745 more words

Camera Gear Review

(Updated) What the f... Samsung? There is no way I am going to trust a Samsung product for a long time now!

What kind of idiots are running large corporations nowadays? Is there really no one in the management chain with a least a minimum amount of common sense? 496 more words


Hardware Issues with Window 7 and under?

With Windows 10 soon coming… July 29 I did some testing on hardware…

For the past few weeks I have been having issues with the recent updates to windows security and my hardware after much testing with windows 7,8 and 10 I have found that now with all the improvements to windows 10 anything that does not have Windows 8.1 drivers or higher will not work even a mouse or keyboard. 195 more words


The Future

In 2009, my grandma’s brother died. I didn’t really know him – no one really knew him – but he was rich, and left all of his money to my grandma. 616 more words

Windows 10 : Windows 8 :: Windows 7 : Windows Vista

Originally posted June 15, 2015 by Peter Schay, President and CEO of TAC.

I’ve been using the Windows 10 Technical/Insider Previews (slow ring, now build 10130) on my primary work laptop since October, and it’s clear to me that in Windows 10 Microsoft has successfully salvaged the Metro/WinRT technology, introduced with Windows 8, to create a winning new OS version. 326 more words

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A Learning Curve for Windows 8? Much Ado About Nothing, but Stick With Windows 7 for the Enterprise

Originally posted October 29,2012

I try to be an early adopter, as long as the cost is low. So when I had the opportunity to upgrade my personal laptop to Windows 8 for $15 (I had recently purchased 2 laptops, and Microsoft offers the $15 upgrade to recent purchasers of machines running Window 7), I took the plunge. 447 more words