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Asus Vivobook

ASUS VivoBook, the World At My Fingertips. Asus introduced its glittering new range of Windows 8 with an affordable touchscreen ulraportable notebook, the 11.6in VivoBook S200 (and 14in VivoBook S400). 18 more words


What are the Ways to Download/install Windows 8.1 for Free!

In case you’re using Windows 8, moving up to Windows 8.1 is both simple and free. In case you’re using another working framework (Windows 7, Windows XP, OS X), you can either purchase a boxed adaptation or settle on one of the free techniques recorded beneath. 492 more words

Windows 8 Support Number

ReactiveUI Goodies–IReactiveDerivedList Grouping

In my 2 previous posts ReactiveUI Goodies–IReactiveDerivedList Filtering 1 and ReactiveUI Goodies–IReactiveDerivedList Filtering 2 I demonstrated how CreateDerivedList(), a method provided by ReactiveList can be used to implement filter scenarios. 378 more words


Happy birthday: 20 Years of Windows Operating System

Windows 95 (1995) – Windows 10 (2015)

Windows 95 (Codename: Chicago / Release date: August 24th, 1995)

“Windows 95 was a nice milestone.” Bill Gates… 2,166 more words


ReactiveUI Goodies–IReactiveDerivedList Filtering 2

In my previous post ReactiveUI Goodies–IReactiveDerivedList Filtering 1 I demonstrated how we can utilize CreateDerivedCollection() to filter a collection based on a single root list. I would like to further explore that example and demonstrate a more sophisticated filtering solution. 763 more words


ReactiveUI Goodies–IReactiveDerivedList Filtering 1

In my last post Reactive Goodies–IReactiveDerivedList Basics I introduced IReactiveDerivedList and CreateDerivedCollection()  respectively. Based on the outlined example I would like to show how to use a derived list to apply filtering easily. 272 more words


Reactive Goodies–IReactiveDerivedList Basics

Collections or lists are an important part of almost any App. Sequences of data need to be presented in a certain order to be able to be filtered and searched while the UI needs to reflect any changes to that data. 425 more words