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What's New in Windows 8.1?


In the end of 2013, Microsoft released a major update to Windows 8 known as Windows 8.1. This update allows Windows 8 to run more smoothly. 30 more words

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How to core format windows 10 OS Operated Computer System

The question always hit in our mind why Microsoft blocking windows 10 users who has just upgraded pirated version window to Windows 10. In this free troubleshooting blog you will all types of solution related to corrupted windows 10 Operating System. 118 more words

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It's not just Windows 10, Windows 7 and 8 are also tracking you - here's how to stop them

Windows 10’s warm reception has been sullied┬áby concerns over data collection, usage tracking and spying, which is enabled in the new operating system by default. 479 more words


Windows 8 Start Screen

The Start Screen is the first thing you see after logging in. The Start Screen has several boxes. These are called Tiles and each tile represents an application or service. 389 more words

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Windows 10 upgrade Available here

From my last post, i stated that there are 2 ways to have Windows 10 on your system. Here is the 2nd way, which is UPGRADING. 164 more words

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It’s a feature: Family Safety’s Activity Report in Windows 10

Ever since Windows 10 was released to the general public, there has been a concerted effort to discredit the operating system and Microsoft. This release has been the target of those who believe that their privacy has been compromised and that Microsoft is collecting all it can on them. 329 more words


Disable login in Windows 8 and Windows 10

So years late, I finally got sick of having to enter my password for Windows 8 and decided to disable it. It’s very simple┬ábut I’m posting this here for easy reference. 72 more words

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