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Auto Shutdown available for all Azure VMs

The Auto-shutdown feature that was earlier available as an option while creating VMs in a Dev Test labs, is now available for all Azure VMs. This has been a major ask from the IT Professionals since they earlier had to script automation tasks for a scheduled shutdown especially for non-production VMs:


Azure Backup now available during VM creation

Azure Backup is now available as an option during creation of a new Azure VM.

You can choose to either create a new Backup vault or use an existing one to store your VM backups. 25 more words


Como configurar o SSL para o site do Windows Azure

Configurando o SSL para o site do Windows Azure

  1. Em um navegador, abra e faça login no Portal de Gerenciamento do Windows Azure.
  2. Na guia sites, em Nome, selecione seu site.
  3. 292 more words

Cortana Intelligence – Overview of Machine Learning and Analytics in Cortana Intelligence Suite

In the previous articles, we saw various aspects of Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite including Information Management and Big Data Stores. In this article, we will take a look at the data processing and machine learning aspects and get introduced to Machine Learning and Analytics in the Cortana Intelligence Suite. 93 more words

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Understanding the Difference Between Linux and Windows Hosting

Choosing web host is the first step in designing an effective and compelling company website. Although most internet service providers (ISPs) offer enough space for a simple personal blog or webpage, creating a high-quality multimedia or an ecommerce retail site will require much more storage and dedicated support. 673 more words


Tale of Two Clouds: A Feature Comparison of Azure and AWS

Comparing Azure and AWS is a bit like comparing apples and oranges. Each platform has features that either duplicate or overlap with features of the other platform. 142 more words

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