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New Azure AD Connect

Last week Microsoft released a new tool for AD synchronization site with the Azure AD. This new tool has the same features of the previous DirSync and ADDSync, but acrescesta ease in the administration of the service and access to the connectors. 265 more words

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Logic Apps June 2015: What's Next

I watched one of the Integration Mondays sessions on Logic Apps by Ashwin Prabhu . Just wanted to share the slide stating “What comes next?”. I’m not sure what’s going to happen, but I agree the potential future directions presented can be interesting.

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Use Visual Studio to deploy Logic App

Some people prefer to use Visual Studio for all development purposes, also for Logic Apps. In Visual Studio 2013, Windows Azure SDK 2.6, a new project… 248 more words

Windows Azure

Subscription users and roles

Sometimes you want to give different users different access rights to the resources in your subscription. To do that, go to the Azure Preview Portal, Browse All and go to Subscription. 127 more words

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Looping in a Logic App

Below is an example where you receive an X12 format EDI message over AS2. The BizTalk X12 Api App receives an EDI file and stores the records in an array called GoodMessages. 83 more words

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Troubleshooting Logic Apps

The Azure Preview Portal has quite some out-of-the-box features to troubleahoot logic apps. First you will have to browse for your logic app and then look at the Operations section. 134 more words

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