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Gartner releases new quadrant of Hypervisors x86

Gartner has released in the middle of last month the new quadrant of hypervisors x 86.

In relation to the previous quadrant highlights the gap between VMWare and Hyper-V compared to other products… 57 more words

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Hadoop: Setting up Microsoft Azure HDinsight

Just like AWS has Elastic Map Reduce with pre-installed Hadoop ecosystem, Google has Apache Hadoop with bdutil controller to enhance its functionalities, Azure has recently launched hdinsight, their own Hadoop provisioning service on the azure cloud. 290 more words

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Getting started with Microsoft Azure Cloud

I have been using Amazon web services for over a year now. Mostly I use EC2 to run my apps on a cloud server so that I can share my application URL with my friends. 340 more words

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API App security via the App Service Gateway

Source: BizTalk Server + API Apps door Ricardo Torre.

Security is one of the OOTB features for API Apps. You can opt to secure by: 258 more words

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Logic App Code Expressions

If you look at feedback.azure.com, you can see that the ability to use code expressions is one of the major points of feedback from the community. 260 more words

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Microsoft's Identity Management Framework (2015)

You know, I really love a LOT of the things that Microsoft is doing in just about every space that they operate in. However, one thing that consistently disappoints me is that the people writing most of their technical documentation have a VERY BAD habit of leaving crucial bits out of their “how-tos”. 84 more words

Do Until in Logic App

June 2015 the DoUntil functionality in Logic Apps was announced. You can add a Do Until to every action in your Logic App. Let’s say you wanna do a Http Post until you receive an Http 200. 26 more words

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