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Configure a Windows Firewall for Database Engine Access

This topic describes how to configure a Windows firewall for Database Engine access in SQL Server 2016 by using SQL Server Configuration Manager. Firewall systems help prevent unauthorized access to computer resources. 806 more words


PDQ Deploying using computer IP(Target Computer Offline or Network Path not found)

Using PDQ Deploy, I was getting a failed status when deploying an application on a Target server
The server was on the network and I can remote connect to it… 222 more words


Making SCSM, Named SQL Instances & Windows Firewalls Live Happily Together!

Hello again, in a lab environment we always tend to turn the Windows Firewall off just to save ourselves from the headache of opening ports and telnet-ing the servers to make sure that ports are open, this becomes a habit and the habit continues when a customer neglects the importance of the Windows Firewall and turn it off focusing only on the external and DMZ firewalls, If this is the case we tend to forget how Windows Firewall and ports should be configured for SCSM and SQL Server. 479 more words

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Unable to connect to OBIEE 12c Analytics URL

After the installation of OBIEE 12c I was not able to connect to the analytics URL from other machines outside the server using IE.

This is the issue with windows firewall. 119 more words

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Firewall config for Java Web App hosted on AWS EC2 Windows 2012 server

According to AWS documentation, creating the right security group configuration should be sufficient to allow for desired communication between your AWS EC2 instance and public internet. 316 more words

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