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Getting the progress percentage from a burn bootstrapper installer

One of the basic requirements from an installer created using burn bootstrapper would be to display the progress percentage. I had a tough time finding a proper solution to this as most of the solutions on the internet didn’t work properly while displaying the uninstall percentage. 331 more words


Passing install path as an argument to burn bootstrapper

I had to add this extra little thing to my Burn bootstrapper EXE where I had to enable the user to pass the installation location as a command line argument. 236 more words


Burn Bootstrapper installer major upgrade doesn't uninstall previous version

This post provides the solution for one of the worst nightmares I’ve ever had! I created this burn bootstrapper installer setup which installs and uninstall properly. 451 more words


Creating a custom UI installer with WIX Burn Bootstrapper

If your requirement is to create an installer providing it a look and feel of your own or if you want to get access to the installation progress details, then WiX Burn is what you need! 1,936 more words


Getting started with WIX Toolset

So I was assigned a task to create an installer for a specific project I’ve been working on and WiX Toolset was the undisputed suggestion thrown onto the table. 311 more words


Executive summary of msi upgrade

After having to do that a few times recently, I decided to put down a short summary on how msi upgrades work. It’s may not be 100% accurate and doesn’t go into much details, but if you want to explain it to colleagues or managers who know very little of msi, it should satisfy them. 155 more words


Tentang Robocopy

Sudah lama ga tulis artikel di blog saya sendiri ada karena kesibukkan pekerjaan yang sedikit membuat saya lupa akan blog pribadi ini. Kali ini saya mencoba untuk membuat artikel tentang salah satu tool yg biasa saya gunakan untuk backup file, copy data dll di Windows. 167 more words