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Get all properties from MSI installer files

There are times when you need to specify custom values for MSI properties.  If the MSI is from a third party or you do not have the original installer code, it would be nice to be able to get a full listing of all properties exposed by an MSI.   340 more words


Cara untuk mengetahui software terinstall di Windows

Wah cukup lama rupanya saya ga posting di blog ini dikarenakan hampir satu tahun ini banyak kerjaaan yang cukup menyita waktu. Langsung saya akan menuliskan sedikit cara kita dalam mencari software apa saja yang terinstall di dalam pc/laptop kita. 169 more words


Apache 2.2 installer for Windows (old versions)

As promised, here is the old installer that worked quite well as long as it was ran from the Windows command line in Administrator’s Mode: 7 more words

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Why use an installation technology

This is a question that I get asked from time to time, usually after someone who is not familiar with the deployment world encounters problems with a certain installation. 364 more words


Getting the progress percentage from a burn bootstrapper installer

One of the basic requirements from an installer created using burn bootstrapper would be to display the progress percentage. I had a tough time finding a proper solution to this as most of the solutions on the internet didn’t work properly while displaying the uninstall percentage. 331 more words


Passing install path as an argument to burn bootstrapper

I had to add this extra little thing to my Burn bootstrapper EXE where I had to enable the user to pass the installation location as a command line argument. 236 more words


Burn Bootstrapper installer major upgrade doesn't uninstall previous version

This post provides the solution for one of the worst nightmares I’ve ever had! I created this burn bootstrapper installer setup which installs and uninstall properly. 451 more words