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10-1-2014 | Dream | A Disaster + Military Recruit Training + The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) + My Cousin DE = ?

A headache interfered with my sleep and my last dream and I woke up with a slight headache, and so I can only somewhat remember part of my last dream; but the most important parts of the dream are missing and unclear, and so the dream does not make much sense. 1,255 more words

Dream Journal

Windows Live Spaces url forwarding still working

  1. It is a long time ago that I migrated my blog from Windows Live Spaces to WordPress.
  2. It appeared to me recently that the URL forwarding from the original web pages to WordPress which was part of the migration package that Microsoft offered, had stopped working – regrettably, since I still have old documents pointing to the original pages, and the cryptic URL naming scheme seems to make it difficult to find out where the original ULR pointed to.
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Back to it

Its been a hectic few days in my world. Bump, bump goes my personal stuff. I’m a slow learner but I’ve finally wised up. This isn’t the place for it. 204 more words