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Display disk usage

A short script that will display a summary of the disk space used on each drive.

Note- Using a message box means you don’t have any control over the text formatting so I’ve had to resort to the aligning the numbers using spaces – this looks alright most of the time but the effect does depend on the font used. 862 more words


Download files using VB script

The following Visual BASIC script will can be used to download a file from a server using HTTP or FTP.

' wget.vbs
' Uses Microsoft.XmlHTTP object to download a file from the specified URL. 1,516 more words


Cool Windows Backgrounds

Here are some cool Windows backgrounds I found around the interwebs – all images 1920×1080 (full album here):


Monitoring network connectivity

The batch file below uses ping to monitor the status of a network connection or server. By default it will only attempt to connect approximately once every 30 seconds to the amount of additional network traffic it generates is quite low. 1,027 more words

Windows 10

you didn't FUCKING believe in me, and now look what's happened!!!

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eBay Purchase #9 - Microsoft BackOffice Server 2.0

eBay Purchase Price: $60 AUD

Country of Origin: United States

Condition: Very Good

Long since discontinued, BackOffice was a suite of server orientated products in combination with Windows NT aimed at business. 550 more words