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Windows Vision

I came across an image of a CD from the internet recently titled Microsoft Windows: A Vision for the Future that dates back to 1997. Unsure who this would have been distributed to, though I suspect it was circulated around with IT professionals, partnered vendors, and so forth for the UK market. 598 more words


eBay Purchase #5 - Microsoft Windows NT 3.1

eBay Purchase Price: Approx. $60 AUD

Country of Origin: Australia

Condition: Very Good

I guess as a follow-up to my previous post about running Windows NT 3.1 under Oracle VirtualBox, I thought to share how this OS looks in the physical sense as it was a challenge to obtain a copy. 147 more words


Install & Configure Windows NT 3.1 Using Oracle VirtualBox

Once the partnership with IBM faltered with the development of OS/2, Microsoft went alone and Windows NT was born back in 1993. Microsoft’s first true 32-bit operating system, it generally was to be seen only on high-end desktop workstations and servers. 2,384 more words


Happy birthday: 20 Years of Windows Server

It’s hard to believe that 20 years ago, Microsoft introduced the first OS for the masses, democratizing IT platforms and tools to help IT build solutions that drive success. 994 more words


My First PC - Getting Windows 3.11 Online

My Favourite PC, Ever

I’ve used computers my entire life.  I got my first one at the age of 7 and started to write code.  For years I wanted a PC and by the age of 10 my parents relented and I had my first modern computer – an IBM PS/1 with a 486 SX25 CPU, 4MB RAM and a 170MB hard disk.  1,592 more words

eBay Purchase #1 - Windows NT Advanced Server 3.1

eBay Purchase Price: Approx. $300 AUD

Country of Origin: United States

Condition: Very Good

An eBay find from about two years ago, finding copies of Windows NT 3.1 is generally difficult, so I was pleased to grab a copy admittedly paying more than I would have hoped. 244 more words


Windows 98 + Virtual Machine + 256 colors - part 3

Recently, (Windows 98 + Virtual Machine + 256 colors – part 1 — https://twentymegahertz.wordpress.com/2016/07/10/windows-98-virtual-machine-256-colors-part-1/) I was trying to install a 3D walkthrough application that was developed in later half of 1998 as a technology demonstration for the Intel Pentium III, which was launched in mid 1999. 124 more words