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You know the feeling that you actually wanna start writing into your blog. Hvr your phone doesn’t allow you to have a legit “wordpress” app. There is one “wordpress” app  that they claim is a “LEGIT” app, but as I check the comments it says that once you’ve open the app it will direct you to… Wait for it… The WEBSITE. 203 more words


Technology ~ Microsoft Lumia 1520 Master Reset, 08/07

Today I reset my Lumia 1520, that after reading this Windows Central article by Daniel Rubino a couple of days ago.

Yes, you should do a master reset for the best Windows 10 Mobile experience…

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Voat Beta v1 is published!

The first and only voat.co app on Windows Phone, Voated.

PLEASE NOTE: Voat.co has temporarily disabled their API. This means that Voated will use reddit as its data source for a day or two… 208 more words


Update 2 on Voated

I finally managed to make sure the app will work even when voat is offline, by using reddit. This is demonstrated in this video, where voat is offline, and the “include reddit posts” setting is enabled. 21 more words

I'm Windows

I am a Windows Phoner

Windows Phone ! Yaps, sistem operasi besutan Microsoft ini bisa dibilang bukan sembarang atau mainstream dalam berbagai hal, kenapa bisa dibilang demikian ?

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What's app calling feature for Windows Lumia is now available

Hi guys as I said in my previous post that new update of windows was to support new features of app in windows plat formed devices. 93 more words