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Change CD/DVD Drive Letter using Powershell

Every organization has a standard for the way they configure or assign drive letter to CD/DVD Drive. During Windows OS deployment CD/DVD Drive are assigned the next available drive letter once the OS is applied. 160 more words

How to clear windows server backup history?

Windows Server Backup is the built-in tool in Windows Server 2008/R2 that allows you to backup and restore files, folders, and critical system data such as the System State, entire volumes and even the full server itself. 226 more words


HOWTO: Win2k8R2 Reset Local Administrator Password

How to Change a Local Administrator Password with Group Policy

We will use Group Policy Preferences to set password on local user account


Printer Jobs stay as "Sent to Printer"

I had an issue today where a printer would print but the print jobs would just continue to fill up the queue even after clearing them out.   147 more words


Don’t reinvent the wheel

Way back when I used to take Microsoft certification exams there were often questions of the form “Perform task X with the minimum of administrative effort” Most, if nor all, of the possible answers would be correct but the correct answer was the one that achieved the goal with the minimum amount of work. 132 more words


How to Install the Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell

*Post as of May 28, 2013 from our Trainer’s blog*

With the release of PowerShell 2.0, we now have a PowerShell module that we can use to administer Active Directory. 691 more words

Active Directory