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Moving to a Client Server Based Network

Many smaller businesses tend to have a limited understanding of the difference between peer to peer networking and making the leap to a proper client server network. 732 more words

Don’t reinvent the wheel

Way back when I used to take Microsoft certification exams there were often questions of the form “Perform task X with the minimum of administrative effort” Most, if nor all, of the possible answers would be correct but the correct answer was the one that achieved the goal with the minimum amount of work. 132 more words


FileZilla on Windows is waaaay faster than WinSCP

Not sure why yet, but on a gigabit network between a Windows 2008 R2 Server and a Proxmox KVM machine, WinSCP gets around 10 megabit/second and… 14 more words


Happy birthday: 20 Years of Windows Server

It’s hard to believe that 20 years ago, Microsoft introduced the first OS for the masses, democratizing IT platforms and tools to help IT build solutions that drive success. 994 more words


Translation Manager - BadCredentialException in Tridion

Wow, this one is quiet a master. Recently one of my friend had to migrate her CMS box from an existing Data Center to an… 898 more words


Techiehive- Complete Server Management & Security Solution

Managing your server becomes simple and easy with us

As businesses start catering to more and more customers and expand their geographical location, they must keep in mind that their servers are also well-maintained and fully secured. 67 more words


Unable to change date/time of your hyper-v machines

Windows Server 2008 – Hyper-v off/disable the time synchronization

When your unable to change the date/time of your hyper-v its probably because the time synchronization settings in integration services is enabled. 73 more words