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Searching for Windows shutdown messages in the event log

Searching for shutdown isn’t enough as frequent WAS messages also contain that search string.

Searching for shutdown of will work as they match both these: 72 more words

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Cleaning up a huge “Console.log” file on SBS 2008

You might think the Console.log belongs Console.exe. That’s right, but that’s a different thing than the Windows Command prompt that many people call console, but is in fact  182 more words

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Steps to how to Deploy .MSP update using PsExec.exe and msiexec.exe

Under below steps will cover the Adobe Reader update 11.0.23_Update (AdbeRdrUpd11023.msp)

Step 1- Download the latest update (.MSP) from below link.


Step 2- Create a Share folder on server from all servers can access the share (Ignore if you have already shared folder) 170 more words

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Process to add PowerShell script in “Local Security Policies” under Startup/Shutdown script.

Please find the below steps to complete the task.

  • Create desired script with requirement (i.e. C:\Script\Stop-Service.Ps1)
  • Navigate the following path :Run->gpedit.msc->Computer Configuration->windows Settings->scripts
  • Select desired option where you need to apply the Script (Startup or shutdown).
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Consolidating NTFS free space

For shrinking VM disk images, it’s important to consolidate NTFS free space towards the end of the this.

I’ve tried many tools, starting with defrag C: /X… 720 more words

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