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Resolving "Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to bitbucket.org:443"

A while ago, I had this error on BitBucket:

Running git.exe with arguments "fetch --prune" failed with return code 128 and error output: "fatal: unable to access 'https://%account%@bitbucket.org/%user%/%repository%.git/': Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to bitbucket.org:443…

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Windows Server 2008 Language problems

A few weeks back, we started trialling Windows 10 and were hitting problems with Cortana- certain language settings were fixed on US and Cortana refused to play ball. 217 more words

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Microsoft IIS: Configuring a Domain SSL Certificate

In a previous article, I explained how to host a second web site within IIS and how to configure the server bindings so that both sites (the new site and the default site) were able to listen on “Port 80”. 435 more words

Windows Server 2008

Microsoft IIS Bindings and Hosting Multiple Web Sites

This article covers the configuration of multiple web sites within a single installation of Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). In order to do this, we need to establish an understanding of how “Bindings” work. 682 more words

Windows Server 2008

Fix: VMware - Quiesced Snapshots failing - Unexpected error DeviceIoControl

I ran into an interesting problem that took a bit of digging around to both find the root cause and also to find the final fix. 1,783 more words


Ping localhost and receive response ::1 IPv6

Ping localhost and receive response ::1  IPv6

I recently had a client who had a support call for an application, and they tell him that they can’t assist him because there is a problem with the server. 151 more words

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