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If you have Event ID: 364 in Application Event Log related to Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) can’t download some updates, like this one:

Then you are lucky by reading this article, because there is a workaround for this nightmare: 248 more words


Samsung has been accused of disabling Microsoft’s software in preference for its own, leaving computers insecure.

Microsoft technical expert Patrick Barker said he had found Samsung software downloading and running a file called Disable_Windowsupdate.exe, while helping a user with a computer problem. 391 more words

Samsung blocks Microsoft's Windows Updates in Windows 8.1

Recently Samsung decided to block Windows Update from running on some of its Windows 8.1 notebooks. Samsung claims:

“It is not true that we are blocking a Windows 8.1 operating system update on our computers. 184 more words


Samsung updates back in the news - for breaking Windows updates

A 22-year-old Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) who calls himself Patrick has hit the media spotlight with a blog article about Samsung’s updating software.

As a result, Samsung is in the computer security news again for all the wrong reasons. 646 more words


Samsung Disabling Windows Updates On Its Laptops

Samsung is mightily crippling Windows update on large portions of its laptops. The South Korean innovation combination ships its laptops with a suite called SW Update which accompanies an application whose sole employment is to keep Microsoft from seeding out updates to Samsung laptops. 299 more words


Samsung Disabling Windows Update on Some of Its Computers

New reports point to Samsung disabling the Windows Update feature on some of its computers, and the company’s support team has allegedly confirmed the move, and the company itself says it is working with Microsoft to resolve the issue. 519 more words


(Updated) What the f... Samsung? There is no way I am going to trust a Samsung product for a long time now!

What kind of idiots are running large corporations nowadays? Is there really no one in the management chain with a least a minimum amount of common sense? 496 more words