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Unbelievable, Microsoft uses YOUR bandwidth to deliver updates to other people.

To me this is bloody unbelievable. I recently discovered that Microsoft, without telling you, is enabling a torrent style way of delivering updates to everyone. That means that, once you have downloaded an update your Windows installation will start to use your hardware as a node from which it delivers the update to other people. 162 more words


Disable Windows Update P2P distribution

This setting seems to be controlled by a value called DODownloadMode:


You should probably reboot after changing this or just manually turn the feature off in the settings app… 9 more words

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Get Windows 10 Right on

We all are waiting for Windows 10 upgrade for months, But Microsoft is not offering windows 10 upgrade to all its user straight away but in Phased manner. 128 more words

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Sigh @ Windows

It’s a fact of life that a long lived operating system will have a long list of updates. It’s the price of popularity and success. Despite all this, it’s hard for me to not be impatient when seeing this on installing Windows 7 and then Windows Update: 14 more words


Windows 10 Installation and Initial Reactions

After reserving my copy of the Windows 10 upgrade when it was made available I started counting down the days until I could finally install the new OS on my Surface Pro 3. 1,571 more words


Security Pros & Cons of Windows 10: Expert reaction

Windows 10 has finally arrived to much fanfare, with many heralding Microsoft’s decision to shift Windows from software to more of a service for customers. Much talked about is the security enhancements of Windows 10, with biometrics and hardware-based multi-factor credentials making an appearance. 565 more words


Windows 10: Its Out now ,Things to be kept in mind before you upgrade

Microsoft came up with its newest offering The Windows 10 Operating system and the good news is , It comes as a free upgrade to the existing Windows 7 AND 8.1 users. 250 more words

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