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Recover unsaved documents in Microsoft Word

Have you ever encountered a time where you typed and a couple of pages in Microsoft Word already only to click the “Don’t Save” option? Don’t fret. 363 more words


Windows 7 End of Life (EOL) support table for major antivirus vendors

Most antivirus vendors, with a few exceptions, have confirmed that their products will continue to run on Windows 7 systems for at least two years, until 2022, ensuring that Windows 7 users have security products at their disposal to protect their systems. 145 more words


How to install Ruby?

We can use ruby in cross-platform. For example, Windows, OS X, UNIX, etc. So, We can install it on that differently. Let’s, have some fun in Ruby. 95 more words


Windows 7 has reached end of support, but we still support its customers for our apps

Windows 7 support has reached to the end

Windows 7 has launched in 2009 when people used Windows XP to customize it with themes, system hacks, etc. 743 more words



超人気のSlackハンズオンに弊社から歩いて行ってきました。Twitter hashtag は #SlackDevJP です。

自分のマシン上でアプリを動かしたいという方は Node.js の 10.13 以上のバージョンをインストール

Slack アプリ開発入門ハンズオン Tokyo #2 – connpass

上記引用部分にもありますが僕は自分の Windows10 の WSL(Ubuntu 18.04) で動かしました。注意する方が良さそうな点が2つ。


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