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Window of warning!


Oh dinosaur we miss you

Your hum and click n clack

Tossing bits and bytes around

We did not heed the sound

Oh to get your ones n zeros back! 28 more words


Your DHCP server must be in only one VLAN

Recently, we have made a major upgrade of the network infrastructure for one customer. We replaced the old switches and introduced the complete VLAN infrastructure. At the end of the day, everything seemed to be good. 944 more words


MVP Exterminator

Ragnarok Clicker • Kill 1,000 MVP Bosses

Well, even I’ll admit that I didn’t think I’d be advancing my clicker career quite that quickly, but having sated my… 114 more words


how to map network drive in windows

If you want to map to a network drive below is the syntax

\\(server name)\(drive like c or d  or etc.,)$\(folder name)


lets us assume server to be – “Tekweirdo” 16 more words


Living Without Air Conditioning

I’m not.

Living without air conditioning, that is. So I guess this title is clickbait, sorry!

I tried to live without air conditioning. My yard gets nice sun and my windows let in a nice amount of natural light, but overall my house stays pretty cool. 383 more words

Home Life

Windows 10 April 2018 Update

Microsoft  released Windows 10’s “April 2018 Update.” It was originally  called the “Spring Creators Update” and was code named “Red stone 4.” This is Windows 10 version “1803”, and it launched on , April 30, 2018. 579 more words

APR'18 Update



  1. 展開して適当なフォルダに置く
  2. binフォルダにある addpm.exe を実行
  3. プロパティで適切な作業フォルダを設定
  4. C:\Users\Taguchi\AppData\Roaming\.emacs.d に設定ファイルをコピー
  5. C:\Users\Taguchi\AppData\Roaming に設定ファイルをコピー

SumatraPDF をインストール

  1. C:\Users\Taguchi\AppData\Roaming\SumatraPDF に設定ファイル SumatraPDF-settings.txt をコピー
  2. 設定,オプションで逆順検索コマンドラインの設定を編集(emacsの場所)
    “C:\emacs-25.3-simple_ime-no_symbol\emacs\bin\emacsclientw.exe” –no-wait +%l “%f”