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Brown Frog On The Window Sill

A little brown frog outside on my window sill at night.


Candles & Cactuses ūüĆĶ

Every time I’ve seen a little cactus in garden centres, paperchase, super markets wherever! My heart just tingles slightly. I just lurrrrve them!! Especially now you can get ones with glitter on! 53 more words


Friday Flora: 25.11.16

This wooden¬†gift box held some very fine Port and back in the summer¬†my¬†youngest grandson helped paint it so¬†now it becomes an ideal planter for a trio of winter cyclamen ‚ô•and a¬†windowsill setting gives these white blooms a natural¬†beautyand then¬†a sudden burst of sunshine and a better camera angle makes them glow¬†even in black and whitesomehow¬†digital zoom switched itself on bringing¬†the tiny trumpeted flower heads and¬†the umbrella twisted buds in to view… 70 more words


Eight white roses in a clear tall vase sitting nicely being bathed with the sunrays on the beige windowsill.


Daydreaming by Ashley N., 702

As I gaze beyond my windowsill,
I think about the things I want to see and do 91 more words