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I love to sit on WindowSills.  Especially when the window is open.  Then I am outside and can feel the breeze.  But still be safe inside near my humans and my food at the same time.   97 more words

Site Specific

Have you ever just felt around a space? Either with your eyes closed or open, just felt an area and moved around? Just walked in the space and let your body react naturally to its architecture? 266 more words

My Green Windowsill

Ever since I was a kid I would help my mum and my dad around the garden; watering plants, potting new ones and generally trying to help around the garden. 370 more words

General Updates

Potting up the Tomatoes

It seems when I get around to the potting up stage that Spring really is on the doorstep. I realize that it is technically spring right now… And this year it certainly feels like Spring now.. 431 more words


Mini Windowsill Garden

What do you do when you want a garden but you don’t have any outdoor space? Quite the dilemma. Lack of outdoor space has never really been a problem for me before- I wasn’t the most green fingered person- but somewhere along the lines, I’d gotten a sudden urge to grow things! 303 more words


Sow, Sow - Quick, Quick - Sow!

Ah yes it is that time of year – time to sow seeds!  With much of the new allotment still under weed suppressant cover and a long way off being anywhere near ready for planting, most of my seed sowing has been happening at home in the greenhouse, making the best of a relatively small 4ftx6ft growing space by expanding vertically with a system of shelves; currently stacked end to end with seed trays and pots that get shuftied around as things grow and get moved on.   459 more words

Grow, my pretties... Windowsill growing

These are what I call my “Dutch seedlings”. Mum brought them back for me from a Dutch garden centre when they went to Germany (without me!) last August. 258 more words