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2016, June 02 - 1492 - june in Paris

daffodils shiver (5)
blanching in the cool spring breeze (7)
under grey damp skies (5)


Haiga: Hawai’i Windowsill

the end of a spring shower
I damp off the windowsill

Rick Daddario

DIY Reclaimed Wood Windowsill 

This windowsill is my absolute favourite part of the kitchen mini-reno. I love so many things we did in the kitchen, but as far as impact vs effort, this one is the best. 636 more words

To Live Beautifully

Pearl of the Sill

“Find beauty in the small things.” -Unknown


Hawera update

Here is the hawera daffs update folks: when I last posted they were thinking of opening, with just one or two bells per stem starting to unfurl. 54 more words


Daily Sketch 129 - Is there no trust anymore

Like I would do anything….she knows where I sleep. I am just concern of the day when cats evolve opposable thumbs and get a hold of cat size spray bottles…”bad human..spray..spray”