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If You Were A Butterfly

By ROCHELLE ENO Posted In Poetry

If you were a butterfly,
I would love you,
and I’d put you in a glass jar
and you’d smile a butterfly smile to me, 206 more words


Some Tips For Windowsill Gardening

Believe it or
not, keeping the green of Spring in you life all year-round, is easier
than you think. While it’s great fun to get outside and start planting… 561 more words

Garbage or Garden?

What if I told you that you could just grow a garden from some of the garbage that you consistently throw away?

One of the problems with apartment-style living is gardening becomes difficult. 1,319 more words

Sustainable Living


First day of autumn—

the fly on my windowsill

dodges the swatter.


Lam-i-NOT ... (AKA painting over a laminate-covered windowsill)

Our windowsill was covered with the same laminate that was on the counters. I understand why it was done, as a lot of people do this with granite as well. 434 more words


Everything Green and Growing

I’ve never thought that I would like gardening much.  Kneeling in the dirt until your knees ache, the sun beating on your back, swatting at insects, yanking up weeds only to have them return as soon as you turn around–no, thank you.  227 more words

Garden Anywhere

Regardless of where you live or how limited your space is, you can find a way to garden on some level.  It could be a small windowsill herb garden, a tiered herb garden on your patio (like the photo below), or a mini greenhouse for a few vegetables.  39 more words

Hebrew Roots