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I Got Your Plate Right Here.....

I fancy myself a great cook. I know this because my friends call me the Barefoot Contessa who talks smack. I perpetually subject my loved ones to untested recipes demanding to know their thoughts and whether they actually saw Jesus while taking their first bite. 310 more words


Aside from Wissner, Gracemont is the other main academic building in the upper school and is usually where the English, history, and foreign language classes are taught. 183 more words

On Campus


I took this shot around the same time as the one with the sunset and the bats.

I’m not too sure as to what I was trying to capture when I took this shot, but I do know that I like how the sill contrasts with the sky whilst the window and screen make the sky appear to be something out of reach.

I hope you enjoy.


Red nail polish.

The reason this photo is unrealistic is because:

Coffee mugs are not held with 2 hands simultaneously.
With red nail polish.
While conveniently wearing an over-sized sweater… 53 more words

Unrealistic Photos Of Women Drinking Coffee

Day 1 - Cacti



I am better at taking care of the cactus on my windowsill,

Than I am of myself.

I wonder why it is so easy for my plants. 12 more words