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The Myth of Sunny Windowsills

After I wrote “Welcome Crocus!” a few days ago, I found myself thinking about the number of sunny days in February….6 out of 28.  That’s less than a fourth.  588 more words


Well … can you tell who is sitting on the windowsill?

A tip … look closely between the two curtains …
yep! It’s me!


Three Little Succulents

I’ve never been overly successful at keeping succulents or cacti. I abide by the rules – watering from the bottom, once a month in winter, every fornight in summer – but yet they always seem to fail within a year. 48 more words


She cried today

It was an important night.

Something that was needed to happen.

She cried today

She did

It was a pretty low moment.

You would have cried too… 192 more words

Romeo & Juliet

Their families won’t let them marry, but this is no puppy love. He sits on the sill outside her window, wondering how to melt the glass keeping them apart. 59 more words


First Snow

The Williams House; Chapter 5: Uncles, Aunts, Nephews, and Nieces; Pgs. 126-130

.     It was a long time later when several people started to file into their bedrooms. 1,038 more words

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