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Day 1 - Cacti



I am better at taking care of the cactus on my windowsill,

Than I am of myself.

I wonder why it is so easy for my plants. 12 more words

A New Shelf

I  might start by saying that no, my cat is not spoiled! It’s just that he’s an indoor cat, and I know he likes to look outside. 607 more words

fuchsia snow

Inspired by post at CDHK on “potted plant” meme….

plant on windowsill

cyclamen blooms in bucket

sings promise of spring


Gardening experiments on the windowsill

With the proper amount of sunlight, basil (pictured here), and other culinary herbs can be grown year round on a windowsill.

The ability to pinch fresh foliage from herbs grown in my kitchen for flavouring recipes during winter months has become less of an experiment and more of a necessity in our house! 269 more words


Windowsill gardening

So on my birthday I got a lot of seeds and gardening tools. Because for two years now I have been growing vegetables and herbs in my windowsill, but it always sort of happend. 1,117 more words


Suddenly you can see the grown plant in the seedling

Even though it’s not -quite- spring yet here in England, there’s still lots going on in our kitchen (currently our bay window is a makeshift greenhouse) and every morning I rush downstairs with the children to see if anything new has germinated, and note any changes in the seedlings. 36 more words

Self Sufficiency

A Frog Reflection

A green frog hanging on the windowsill showing its reflection on the glass.