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Everything Green and Growing

I’ve never thought that I would like gardening much.  Kneeling in the dirt until your knees ache, the sun beating on your back, swatting at insects, yanking up weeds only to have them return as soon as you turn around–no, thank you.  227 more words

Garden Anywhere

Regardless of where you live or how limited your space is, you can find a way to garden on some level.  It could be a small windowsill herb garden, a tiered herb garden on your patio (like the photo below), or a mini greenhouse for a few vegetables.  39 more words

Hebrew Roots

Christmas & Easter Cacti flowering at the same time in June 2016!

Christmas & Easter Cacti flowering at the same time in June 2016!

I have several plants of each of Christmas & Easter Cacti but for the first time ever they are flowering at the same time in June 2016! 72 more words


At the windowsill

The eye absorbs, 
pieces of light, fragments, 
A distilled white dreams in the midday 
glowing feverishly against the retina

I took the sun home.
The tip of my finger.
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Sewing, gardening and window flowers

Sewing. For someone else.

Gardening together.

Having a window box full of flowers.

It’s been such a peaceful day. Really quite perfect.

I Got Your Plate Right Here.....

I fancy myself a great cook. I know this because my friends call me the Barefoot Contessa who talks smack. I perpetually subject my loved ones to untested recipes demanding to know their thoughts and whether they actually saw Jesus while taking their first bite. 310 more words