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Windsor Hum trackers report growing noise, frustrations

Gary Grosse calls it part of the change in seasons.

The globally recognized Windsor Hum has seemingly ramped up again in noise and frequency, driving residents on the city’s west end and LaSalle crazy at all hours of the day or night. 652 more words

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Vice News team interviews residents on Windsor Hum

Mike Provost’s home was humming with activity Tuesday, but he said he’ll take the noise of a film crew over that other annoying drone any day. 448 more words

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Mayor seeks sit-down with U.S. Steel to talk about Windsor Hum

While “very sympathetic” to those being driven to slow madness by the throbbing, unrelenting Windsor Hum, Canada’s foreign affairs minister says it’s now up to the Americans to show interest in the matter. 590 more words

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