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Paying for new hospital now unnecessary

Re: Officials hopeful new levies will help move mega-hospital forward, by Craig Pearson, April 26.

Well folks, as you open your cheque books in July to pay this bill, and every July for years to come, always remember that this council needn’t have burdened us in this way. 198 more words


Friendly competition promotes snuggling skin-to-skin with your newborn

Kortney McVittie’s three-week-old twins Savannah and Jaxson are calmed, falling asleep right away, when they snuggle skin-to-skin with their mom.

Called Kangaroo Care, the practice of shirtless parents snuggling with newborns dressed only in diapers has a long list of well-researched benefits for the child, from reduced stress and crying to better regulated temperature and heart rate. 630 more words

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That new hospital is going to be great

The process is over. A site for “our” new hospital has been picked. A qualified team did a great job of eliminating bad sites and picking a site we can afford. 174 more words


Support new hospital with lawn signs

Re: It’s time to get on with hospital project, column by Anne Jarvis, April 25.

I had the distinct pleasure of attending a recent town gathering at the LIBRO Recreation Centre, hosted by the town of Amherstburg. 223 more words


Thanks for approving new hospital funding

I applaud both Essex County and Windsor city councils for approving the levy concerning the new mega-hospital to be built on County Road 42.

As stated, many times this is only the beginning of a long process. 188 more words


Hospital site decided: 'Get over it.'

Re: 1,121 sign petition opposing proposed mega-hospital site, by Brian Cross, April 16.

Some people cannot see the forest for the trees.

The government has already paid for four years of planning the mega-hospital. 120 more words


Windsor Health Coalition kicks off referendum campaign

The Windsor Health Coalition launched its referendum campaign Monday aimed at pressuring the Ontario government to stop cuts to health care, including the loss of 169 registered nurses at local hospitals. 403 more words

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