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The beginning after the story has started.

The coolest thing about kitesurfing with all the variables you have is choice!

Choosing to ride directional boards or twintips. Strapped twintips or bindings, Strapped directional or strapless, waist harness or seat harness, Wetsuit or boardies, C kite or bow kite.  144 more words

I'll have a coffee on the rocks 

A coffee cup and a windsurfer – It’s not crowded at Erstaviken today.

Cellphone pics with drama filter.


Windsurfers World

Very happy to be back windsurfing….

For the 2016 European summer we find ourselves in Rhodes, Greece working at Windsurfers World on Ixia beach for the wonderful Dinos and Mandy. 502 more words


Windsurf: That old chestnut – further windsurfing adventures in Vassiliki

Words: Tez Plavenieks

Pics: PROtography, EDGE Productions, Tez and Fi Plavenieks

Not that long ago in a land not too far away scruffy long haired warriors congregated on a white pebble shoreline waiting for (as he was then known) ‘Eric’ to make his presence felt. 1,668 more words


Windsurf: BJ Pictures best bits from Pozo (Gran Canaria Wind & Waves) 2016

Pozo has always provided a spectacle and showcase for the best windsurfers in the world to throw down all manner of aerial trickery and wow the crowds with their stunts. 45 more words


Windsurf: Old school, new school and everything in between – Fanatic Skate 100 2016 review

We’ve been dripping a selection of stories through the Windsurfing UK web and social media stream for the last few months. Having put ground work in place we’re now ready to begin publishing original windsurfing stories and get your stoke juices flowing further. 550 more words


On Windsurfing and How I Survived Sophomore Spring

This summer, I was talking with a friend from home about college. Many times, I told him, I felt like I didn’t belong. I know there are many people who feel this way at one point or another, and who do so for many different reason. 1,623 more words