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The pictures are taken in Ålsgårde at the sound, Øresund, between Denmark and Sweden. Unless you’re a surfer, Ålsgårde is nothing especial to visit but you do have a very lovely view from the beach: the castle Kronborg in Helsingør (Elsinore) and the Swedish coast line on the other side. 66 more words

Outdoor Life

Small Kites, Big Smiles

Sunday was another epic Minnesota kiteboarding day on Lake Waconia.  All the usual suspects were in attendance, including at least 20 windsurfers who only show up when the wind is over 35 mph.   191 more words


Chasing Winds!

“It’s just another day in paradise!” an old man cheerfully replied after greeting me at a coffee shop on my last day of the trip. Oregon is definitely a watersport paradise that I try to get away to as much as I can! 854 more words


Learn The Basics Of Windsurfing

Windsurfing is a popular water sport that is a cross between sailing and surfing. Windsurfers stand on a board and use their hands to manipulate a large sail so it catches the wind for forward propulsion. 349 more words


My first accreditation to PWA came through

So proud and So nerve-racking!

In September I’m going to Klitmoeller in Denmark to catch some awesome windsurfing performance – fighting for the right spot and the right picture. 24 more words


I'm scouting for Surfers, Windsurfers and Kitesurfers whom like me need to upgrade the portfolio (pictures) to get published perhaps even get the right sponsorships!

Photography takes a lot of training too!

I feel so humble about photography because I have absolutely NO documented educational skills. I had a granddad who was into film back in the analogue days, a father that also have been into photography for many years. 228 more words