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The Whisper of the Wind

There’s something about windy days.

In the summer, they can be two things: a savior, giving you a quick break from the unrelenting heat that the southwest experiences every year as the sun beats down on your exposed skin; or the devil, kicking up so much sand that the sky turns amber and visibility becomes zero as you sprint to safety, or pull your car over in blind conditions. 288 more words

By Scribe Alex

Paddling Upstream

Today is decidedly blustery.

After a day of pelting rain (“Good for the garden,”says the Pollyanna in me) the wind kicked up and everyone’s getting a bit sick of it. 155 more words

Union Homestead

Tips for the Windy Season

Hi there, thanks for visiting my page. We pool service professionals want your pool and spa equipment working its best year round and especially so during the windy season. 117 more words

Hot Tub

We are very fortunate to have three swings in our preschool’s outdoor play area.  Swings take up a lot of space so it can be difficult to fit them in and yet, they provide so much enjoyment.  

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